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Hello everybody.  I'm new to posting on here, but thought people might be interested in seeing some of the minis I have painted recently for our D&D group.
When the PCs reached 6th level they decided they deserved painted minis, so here is the result.
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Kathra, female dwarf fighter.  This is a straight touch up of the Dwarf Shieldmaiden figure and matched the pre-generated character from Keep on the Shadowfell.  I added more detail to the armour and painted more flesh, she's still well armoured though.  The shield design is a very old GW space wolf transfer.  I'm particularly pleased with the shading and highlighting of the metal plates on the cloak.  Not too happy with the face, especially the eyebrows.  The face looked wrong without them, but i think I overdid it a bit (maybe she doesn't pluck them?)
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Tol-Flemin, half elf ranger.  The figure is a Greycloak Ranger with the head of a GW Empire Archer.  The character insits on wearing 'fahionable' clothes, including a large hat with pink feather, hence the conversion.  The face is poor, the chin should have been reduced before I glued it in place.  I like the leaf effect on the cloak though. 

Hope you all like these, I would appreciate some feedback, and if anyone has any advice, especially on faces, eyes and hair, it woudl be greatfully recieved. 

Nice change on the archer.

I enjoy a lot rebuldings, and i must say that this figure became real good. 
Thanks for your kind comments.  The rebuild was due to a deisre to produce a figure to match the player's character.  Finding the right bits and converting is great fun.  I've a couple more to show, but looking at the photos above I think I'll wait for better natural lighting conditions.
I really like the Greycloak with the addition of the feathered hat.  It really does add a lot of character the figure.  I'm sure the person playing that character loved it. vintage minis and other oddities
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