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If you are using IBs; what modifications to the "parcel" system would you make?

As originally stated a group of 5 PCs would get 4 magic items per level for a total of  120 magic items over the course of a campaign, with IBs clearly you wouldn't need that much.... so how much do you think they'd "need"?
None are required, actually.  IBs don't stack with enhancement bonuses, so you can give out the full parcel set of items without disrupting balance should you desire. 

IBs allow you to pick anywhere along the "no magic at all" to "full parcel items" and have it work.  They don't "need" anything at that point, so do whatever you want.
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If I'm not mistaken the IB rules advice cutting treasure parcels in half.

As for what they "need", that's next to nothing. How much you give out depends in part on why you're using IB, I think.
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Like Mand and Plulsjen say, PCs with IBs don't need anything.

What I give depends on my the adventure, and to be honest, my mood. If it's a hack n slash adventure, I give 1 item per PC per level. Other times I don't even think about it; I just put items in the adventure where it makes sense. 
Well, they need either unenchanted masterwork armor in the drops, or they need enough gold to buy everyone new unenchanted masterwork armor every 5 levels.

Well, masterwork isn't so important for the cloth wearers you may have.. but heavy armor? +8 for regular plate, +14 for godplate, and inherent bonuses won't make up that 6 point AC gap.

Or actual magic armor, since as of HoFL all non-masterwork armor gets the same increase to armor bonus that the AC-only masterwork armors of the same type and minimum enhancement bonus get.

If you are using inherent bonuses, be sure to continue giving that masterwork bonus in some form.  Either considering that platemail to be +3 when your inherent bonus gives you +3, or make it actual masterwork, or make it actually +3.

Keep in mind that inherent bonuses are completely transparent if you're using real magic items.  They patch up the holes in peoples' gear, and nothing else.
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