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 When I play Paradox Haze targeting an opponent I'm still it's controller, correct? 
And if I Donate it to an opponent this does not affect whom it's targeting?

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1. correct

2. what the Aura is enchanting is important, the controller doesn't matter (there is nothing about "you" on the card)
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You cast the Paradox Haze, so you are the controller.
Donate will change its controller, but it will remain attached to whoever you targeted.
In essence, you're correct.

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1) Correct.
2) Correct, with a minor nitpick.  It's attached to the player, not targeting him.  An Aura only targets when it's cast.  While it's on the battlefield it does not target. 
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The controller of Paradox Haze is entirely irrelevant to its function. 

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You are still its controller, yes. And no, it does not matter if control changes.

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