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Has anyone played Mouse Gaurd (the rpg) based on the Burning Wheel system?
Reviews, thoughts, pros and cons.... go!
In the Nentir Vale, all injured creatures are required to wear a name tag!
I have played it. It is a good time, with some interesting ideas; specifically, the alternating GM/Player turns, and the earning of actions from one turn to play in the other. Totally worth the investment, if you have a group who wants to play. The other Luke Crane game, Freemarket, is in the same boat. Both games changed the way I thought about RPGs.

But...Burning Wheel is still the best tabletop RPG out there, and MG is BW light. After I burned (lol) out on 4e, it was the only thing that made me remember why I played RPGs in the first place. I recommend picking up the current edition, Burning Wheel Gold. The core rule book is 600 pages of hardbound awesome, and it only costs $25.
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