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Just wanting a little help. I purchased the Drizzt board game to give my gf and myself a little intro to
D&D. (Have been collecting the new comic series and just started Wednesday night encounters.) Some
rules are a little confusing so I'm just wanting some clarification on them. When it says Drizzt can make an
extra attack in each of his hero phases does that mean I get to roll again for the same attack, or any other
attack, regardless if I missed the first one? We have just set up the first encounter so there will be no doubt
more questions being posted over the next few hours! Any help is greatly appreciated!
Drizzt gets a second attack action, which you can use to do anything you would normally do with an attack action, including use a different attack power.
I have a question about stances (and since there is no Legend of Drizzt forum up that I can see, I'm posting it here.)

Do stances just keep going forever?  Is there anything that removes a stance token off of a character?  If that does work, why wouldn't you just start off the game by using your stance and keep it up for the rest of the game? 
It seems like some of the stances can be "consumed" to generate effects, but otherwise, yes:  my take is that you keep a stance up until you change to a different stance.  And some of the stances are really nice, so I think you'd want to keep them going the whole game.
Yes some stances stay and some don't, for example the drizzt ability where he can deflect 1 damage is a on use stance so it disapears when he deflects 1 damage.

But the stances for catie brie always stay on as far as I know. But you can only change them at the START of your hero turn. 
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