Strange wacky comedy horror dungeon of emotions (Dark Humor)

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I want to create a really far-out dungeon for my players to explore during their second adventure out of the beginners box. I want it to be really dangerous but I kind of dont want it to be full of traps and I dont want them dying at the hands (or tentacles) of just any old monster.It also has to inspire horror, comedy,frustration,hopelessness, embarrassment, and WHAT JUST HAPPENED?? moments. Pretty much a Tomb of horrors meets an abandoned Detroit circus' hall of mirrors used by the local insane asylum as extra housing for their inmates.

The players will be there on a rescue mission for the daughter of the mayor of the town.

(Dont split the party)
When the players enter the dungeon and open the first trapped door, they will be presented with a slide. When they get on it, they slide down a hall and have a 50-50 shot of going left or right. Left leads to a big room with a small amount of fall damage. The room is filled with a _______ (I dont know yet) monster of some type. If they go right they take the small amount of fall damage but end up in a type of steam punkish BAR for Robots that someone had built. They have a chance of getting into a bar fight with an inanimate object and receiving small damage.

After dealing with the monster, the survivors go through rooms some of which are trapped. This area has the only save vs death trap. I will provide a few chances to save vs death however. If they go the correct way they meet an ancient man sitting in his throne. Im going to pass him off as a super-intelligent being and attempt to waste the time of the adventurers with redundant go get me this and that missions before they realize he is a complete moron that has the key to the next area and simply needs to be killed.


After going pretty much the only way out of the robotic bar they are confronted by a robotic bandit. After the robot has been dealt with, they enter a maze with a gnome skeleton guarding it with a club. Think about it. In fantasy, why is it just human skellies guarding junk?

Left and Right eventually meet up. They find a giant room thats being used by the local townspeople as a meeting room. Old people, young the mind flayers that are affecting them are the ones controlling the mess.

After whatever happens there happens, they find a prison where the mindflayers are keeping the person/s they are after. They escape for the reward.

How can I make this adventure more sick and twisted without becoming cliche and "Try hard"

What kind of traps could I use that would create various emotions listed above?

One idea I have is BACON. Thrown on the player by a gnome skeleton, and then after they are like (What the crap?) A bear attacks and gets +4 on his attack rolls. (I will throw actual candied bacon at the players) so they can munch on it.

Any ideas?

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