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Some Information will be left out as I do not want to be recognized on here. This is also because of the limited information given to me by the DM.

I was recruited to play in a campaign as an Evil PC. My job is (presumably) to kill the adventuring party (presumably 4 of them). I have checked and he says that he will not be pulling punches on die rolls and if I win he won't be robbing me of that. However, my problem is much more related to getting off the ground.

I am starting as a 1st level character. The DM has decided to leave me to my own devices, but the lack of direction seems more like a hinderance than a boon. I am unsure as to what I can do to start gaining experience. He has not laid down any plot devices that I could follow besides the PC's and he seems reluctant to hand out quest XP unless considerable risk is taken on my part (arms dealing to Orcs does not count, but actual combat would). He has given me some material wealth to compensate: a Crystal Ball (See Invisibility) and 10,000 gp. My main skills are Concentration, Bluff, and Diplomacy. While later on I plan to use both spies and undead I am somewhat vulnerable during these early stages.

Hopefully this information is sufficient for some advice.

Side note: I am starting "behind" the player party by some time so I will have 2 in game months before I can actually deal with the party directly.
Run. Run fast. Run fast far away.

Any DM who wants to kill the party is not worthy of the chair. Any DM who wants to conspire for a party member to do it is not worthy to play the game.
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Run. Run fast. Run fast far away.

Any DM who wants to kill the party is not worthy of the chair. Any DM who wants to conspire for a party member to do it is not worthy to play the game.

While in general I would be inclined to agree, I suspect Gary Gygax would take issue with that one. (Although to be fair, much (but not all) of that reputation comes from the Tomb of Horrors, which was written as a response to players boasting they could handle anything with their invincible characters. So the problem cuts both ways.)

In this case, unless the other players (i.e. the people, not the characters) know that you're working against them, and are okay with that, I would agree with Navar. Fostering non-consensual player-on-player conflict is NOT a good idea. Consensual, though, can be fun - I've seen DMs run two groups against each other in an asynchronous campaign before, and it worked quite well, but everyone was all right with it and it was the point of the game in question.

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Seishi: I think it might be fun to have a one-off [game] tuned fairly, but with the intention of wiping the party. 

DisposableHero_: if [my campaign] has taught me nothing else, it is that with this group, nothing tuned fairly will ever wipe the party

RadicalTaoist: I've been throwing **** at this group that's 5 levels over CRed in DFN, and have yet to wipe the party.


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Sorry, I should have been more clear. The PC's are in one party. I am separate from them and they are just as aware of me as I am of them (a vague notion of location and the knowledge that I am hostile). The only thing they do not know is that I am actually a PC rather than an NPC. I am not allowed to join the PC's nor am I allowed to listen in in any way that is not strictly in game (no eavsdropping from the room over, but I could hire a spy in game to follow them and report to me). The idea the DM had in mind was to make the party aware I am a player and not an NPC only when we have met face to face and begun combat. This would raise the stakes much higher than any standard game. This would be more like PvP than it is some sort of betrayal for them to find out about later.
So what do you do on game night if you can't be a party to anything the party does, unless you have a spy of some sort there?  It sounds like you sit in another room all alone.  I don't get it. 

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Well I am a "new hire" so to speak. Essentially since I am doing sessions separately with the DM then I'm not there at the same time the rest of the party is. I am playing more frequently than the party though, so I will catch up quickly (the gold and Cystal Ball should help with that). When a direct encounter happens between the Party and I then I will be joining them, but not until then. So far I just had a single run with the DM and I was just getting advice for my journey from some ally's. This gets back to my problem I have.

The DM has given me the main and obvious quest, but at 1st level I lack the strength to act on it. The DM has not given me any sort of quest to help me get leveled up so I can take on the Party.
Have you made your character already?  If so what class are you?
If not what were you thinking of playing?  Martial, spellcaster, rogue, etc.
I'd love to help you out but want just a little more information.

As far as in game things you can do here is what comes to my mind.

-Of course get a spy, knowledge is power.
-Set up a dummy quest giver that sends the pcs to someplace crazy,  this can be established over time.  Maybe use some of the money you accrue over your frequent sessions to give them a few quests that don't really matter and get them used to trusing a go between.   Then bait and switch them.
-10,000 gp goes a long way for a low level character we can pick out some good stuff for your character with that.  It can also hire a lot of people and start up a lot of good plans.
-If you can, tell me about your allies.  Honestly these old board are not as populated as they used to be so they will probably be fine.  If you start to sense a metagame talk to the Dm about it.

I tend to agree with Navar and Tempest. 

I always look at the heroic fantasy aspect of D&D.  In that light, an evil character does not make sense.

I think it depends on what the DM is trying to accomplish with this game.  From what you've said so far, it seems like the DM has not really thought this out very well, since you have some restrictions on you.

You can't "join" the party.
There seems to be no way to advance in levels other than killing party members.
Since you have gotten no real information on how you will advance, the party make adventure along getting experience, while you lag behind with no clear way to defeat them.  They will get stronger and you will fall behind.  That seems like you are set up to fail, so I don't see the point. 

I think you need some more direction from the DM, since he is putting some of the story line of the adventure on your shoulders, so I think he needs to be more forthcoming and needs to think this out a little better, so you know where the DM is going with this.
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