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For my campaign I am designing a number of things and want to know if it is relatively balanced, so input welcome


Frostfire                                                                 Level 4+  Uncommon

This weapon has both alternating cold and flame running along it, yet doesn’t

harm the wielder

Weapon: Any melee

Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: +1d6 fire and cold per plus

Power (Fire/Cold)                                                           * (Free Action)

All untyped damage dealt by this weapon changes to fire and cold.

Another free action returns the damage to normal  
Giving something two types at once is reasonably powerful considering it allows you to bypass just about any kind of resistance, as well as letting you dip into two kinds of damage type optimisations at once. It wouldn't be unreasonable to let the crit do both damage types and to let the normal attacks do either cold or fire or untyped, but allowing fire and cold damage to be done at will, that sounds like something an optimiser could easily abuse.

(Of course if your players don't optimise then it doesn't really matter; it's not overpowered on its own. It's merely something that'll become really powerful if you're willing to synergise with it)
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 As Plu said, you should have the sword's power change the damage to one or the other, chosen at the time the power is used, but not both. The crit damage should be of both types.

What you have as-written is basically both a fire weapon and a frost weapon in the same enchantment, and the combined damage type make it really powerful. Being able to choose between two damage types makes it slightly more powerful than either the fire or frost weapons, but not overly so.


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Okay that works

Will be pick or choose damage type
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