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I've had this deck idea in mind for a while and thought I'd post it here for some suggestions/advice.
(Using cards that I own or relatively cheap to buy)

Coalhauler Swinex4 now: Wall of Spearsx3 + Wall of Dustx1

Sol Ringx1

Blessing of Leechesx4 now: Quest for Pure Flamex4

Blasphemous Actx4
Mana Geyserx3
Seething Songx3
Grim Discoveryx2
Demonic Tutorx1
Vampiric Tutorx1
Burning Wishx1
Yawgmoth's Willx1 

Mountain x8
Swamp x4
Dragonskull Summitx1
Forbidden Orchardx4
Glacial Chasmx4          

                       I know I probably don't need so many red rituals, and could lose a chasm or 2, but I'd appreciate any thoughts/ideas on the deck. Thanks. =)
I personally don't like the interaction between Coalhauler Swine and Repercussion. Coalhauler Swine would fit better in a white deck with lifegain cards Spirit Loop, or RWB with Justice for infinite damage. The biggest drawback I see in this deck is that you don't have any creatures, so  everyones 2/2s and mid range creatures will be heading your way (not to mention the 1/1s you are giving out). I suppose you could play with something like Wall of Razors / Wall of Spears and then Safe Haven to remove them before you blow up the board.

Or you could double your damage to end the game quicker with something like Quest for Pure Flame. In MP, a single Earthquake will get you 4 counters on it (in a 4 player game). I suppose you could use Talon of Pain to get rid of problem creatures that swing your way.

My biggest concern though is the Coalhauler Swine. I don't see the point.

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I see your point in that the Coalhauler Swine, really doesn't seem needed with repercussion out. The original idea had the swine in it and then I added repercussion, and figured they would synergize a bit. With 1 swine and 1 repercussion, 1 Blasphemous Act would deal atleast 13 to my opponents + whatever creatures they managed to have in play, or whatever creatures I gave them with the Forbidden Orchard, since not everyone seems to run creatures in decks in my playgroup.

  For defense, I probably could lose the swine for some walls. I also feel Starstorm and [/c]Glacial Chasm[/c] will help a bit. I can drop an early Chasm for a turn and lose it to get it back with the Grim Discovery, if I feel that I'm going to get my face pounded in.

If I'm going to lose the swines then the Blessing of Leeches will have to go also which may get replaced by the Quest for Pure Flame.

I appreciate the response, Captain. =)
I would drop Black then. Since you have glacial chasm, you don't need to run no creatures if you don't want. You can run hunted creatures to deal with the few opponents who run creatureless decks. Hunted Dragon is in color. I personally prefer Hunted Phantasm, or you could stick with the old staple Varchild's War-Riders. If you didn't want (since you probably won't need safe haven), you could play with Bloodmark Mentor or some kind of sacrifice outlet Helm of Possession/Culling Dais/Blood Rites/Goblin Bombardment.

You really have lots of Burn, and mana explosion. What you probably need is card draw. If you splash blue instead (for hunted phantasm), then you can use Rhystic Study. If you want to play it mono red, then Mind's Eye is probably your best bet. You have a couple other choices Mindstorm Crown which isn't as good especially since you have fast mana spells that are useless by themselves( Pyrohemia as burn instead?) (since you have the Glacial). Wheel of Fate/Wheel of Fortune, which might have you consider Firestorm

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I like the suggestion for Coalhauler Swine mixing with White.  Currently, I use the Swine as a target for Shivan Meteor and Into the Maw of Hell.  Another poster here recently provided a deck placing Pariah's Shield on the Swine - something I need to incorporate.

Regardless, your deck is drifting away from Swine.  Varchild's War-Riders is a fine way to make tokens. 

If you keep black and X-spells, perhaps Black Market for overpowered Exsanguinates?

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I'd prefer to keep it red/black so for some draw power I may take out 1 earthquake and 1 Blasphemous Act, for a Wheel of Fortune and a Necropotence. I also have the tutors to fetch whatever I need.

I don't feel like I really need a sac outlet to avoid the Repercussion effect unless the chasm gets destroyed which I only plan on playing the repercussion when I have the chasm out or feel that I can win. 

I really like the idea of the Varchild's War-Riders and may use those in place of the walls.

For the exsanguinate I can always use Burning Wish to go grab it after massive mana from Mana Geyser/Yawgmoth's Will

I'm going to say that adding White might be a good idea as well. It gives you access to cards like Outrider en-Kor, which both protect themselves and multiply damage on the swine. My own hog deck uses the Outriders and Spirit en-Kor, with just Pyrohemia to provide the damage. I protect the hog with That Which Was Taken (which doesn't really compare all that well to Darksteel Plate), although Blessing of Leeches is good too.
For Repercussion decks I have taken a liking to Aether Flash as a reliable defense and method for triggering the repercussion. Alliance of Arms becomes a very dangerous X spell with those enchantments in play. It can also be used for some early defense. Planar Guide can be used to blink all creatures in play if you get caught with a lot of larger creatures in play an no way to get rid of them, also works as defense against token creature decks.

sticking with black you could probably go for a mill strategy followed by Living Death as a way to force creatures into play.
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