"Untap that" vs. "Untap target"

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ISSUE: Cards which untap a creature and have an additional effect on that creature are not consistent in Oracle wording.

Spidery Grasp vs. Veteran's Reflexes
Alarum vs. Defiant Stand
Act of Aggression vs. Blind with Anger

SUGGESTION:  Change text to include "Untap target X" as the first clause on all these types of cards.  They seem to read a little cleaner like that, at least to me.

In the case of the third pair, there has been an intentional shift to the "gain control first, then untap" wording (as on Act of Aggression), as abilities that trigger when stuff untaps care about the difference. As far as I know, the former cases have no functional difference with regard to the order, but they hypothetically could. (Example: An ability that triggers when creatures of a certain size untap: "Whenever a creature you control with power 5 or greater becomes untapped, [do X].")

I have seen confusion (perhaps feigned) about targeting conditions that read "Untap target creature." Inexperienced players may think (or guess) that such an effect can target only a tapped creature. Although this isn't true, it may be worthwhile to use alternative templates (such as "boost target creature. Untap it.") just to minimize novice confusion.
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Unfortuantely, changing the order of effects functionally changes the card.

And going forward, depending on the needs of the card, either wording could make sense.
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Fair enough.  Spidery Grasp and Veteran's Reflexes is the pair that caught my attention.  It seemed odd to have such a different template on cards that were printed so close to one another.  Once I looked through some lists, I noticed other, similar inconsistencies.  The differences bother me, but functional changes would bother me more.  Thanks, guys.  If nothing else, maybe future cards will have tighter templating in this area.
With Spidery Grasp, it makes a lot more sense to have the reminder text next to the granting of Reach, meaning we want that to be the last part of the effect. Since two of the card's three effects combine to give the effect of "add Giant Spider's stats to that creature", the current template: "untap and gain a spider" is obviously the right one for the card in isolation.

With Veteran's Reflexes, the arguments for one template over the other are less clear - as written, it's a +1/+1 effect that also untaps rather than an untap effect that also gives +1/+1, but it's not clear which effect should be primary, and which a mere rider. The strongest reason I can see to favour one wording over the other is the potential for misreading "Untap target creature. It gets +1/+1 until end of turn" as having the untap also wear off at the end of the turn (obviously a misreading to someone who knows the game well, but just the sort of thing newer players will gloss over). It's not a compelling argument, except in the absence of stronger considerations, but, if the template is left loose to accomodate those cards with stronger reasons to go one way or the other, there doesn't seem to be a stronger reason...
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