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html_removedSo I've read where I can on controling Airships but have a few questions that I am sure lay within the books somewhere but have not yet found. So I come here now to ask my brothers... In the 3.5 ECG I easily find on page 267 the rules for controling the bound elementals. It says an UNMARKED character rolls an opposed check for EVERY command. It then states a Dragonmarked Heir dosn't need to make these checks if they have said Magical Device of their house. Soooo do Dragonmarked characters make checks as well? Assuming this is still the mechanic, am I to understand EVERY move the pilot (without magical devices) wishes to make needs an opposed roll? Yikes. Also, if the pilot leaves the helm will then the elemental drive around the world based on it's last command? And what is the minimum crew for a Galleon sized Airship? If they are not 'trim'n the sales' as it were, or tow'n the line, I suppose there's not much to do to fly the huge ship since all force and precision comes from the pilot and the bound Elemental? Oh, and since the ships are made of special floating wood, if the Elemental leaves or is destroyed, I assume the ship just floats in the wind? (oooh I like that, that could be fun). I know it's my game and I can do what I like but I like knowing if there are existing rules/answers. What book(s) and page(s) might I refer to for these types of details? Yer humble DM'n Sailor.
Explorer's Handbook (chapter 2, page 25) contains all answers you need.
Own it. Thanks Arela!!
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