10/27/2011 FtL: "Darts: Innistrad"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Sorry, but you can't cast Sunscour for its alternate cost if Mycosynth Lattice is in Play. You won't have any white cards in your hand.
Sorry, but you can't cast Sunscour for its alternate cost if Mycosynth Lattice is in Play. You won't have any white cards in your hand.

Darn, you beat me to the punch. I was just coming here to post that same thing.
Ah you're damn right !!

I love the Give up the Ghost deck. The Mirror-Mad Phantasm is one of my favourite cards in Innistrad. So comboful !! 
I want to see the face drop off from the guy who plays the Mirror-Mad Phantasm combo during a Mirror-Mad mirror match. [cue in mad laughter]
The only thing that would make the Mycostone deck even more amusing to me is the addition of Windborn Muse and Ghostly Prison. Basically, make it so no matter how large your opponent's force is, they can't kill you while you peck away at them with the flying windborn muse.

Alternatively, consider adding red to the mix for Braid of Fire - or run green for Magus of the Vineyard or some of those snakes with triggered mana abilities.

Lots of exciting things to do if mana is turned off!
The obvious combo with Mirror-Mad Phantasm is to play a deck with only one copy of it, but several Clone-like effects, so that when you get that one copy you can clone it, use the clone's ability, deck yourself and win with Laboratory Maniac or anything that can use a full graveyard. (Harvest Pyre plus Stuffy Doll, any Lhurgoyf-like creature already in play, especially Splinterfright because it has trample...) Maybe that's too obvious for this column, though.
Why no Null Rods in the first deck? More chances to put up the "PMITA Prison", as I call that combo, would be welcome, right? Besides, Stony Silence owes its pedigree to something.

It doesn't have access to white for Stony Silence, but I occasionally (not too often, of course) demonstrate the original incarnation of the combo in a Kaervek EDH deck that...pretty much fits Kaervek well, come to think of it. Card acquisition for that deck can be rather prohibitive in offline play, but 1) this isn't the kind of deck you probably want to be bringing to a table near you and 2) The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale is a devastatingly effective way of controlling the board once everything goes maximum-security lockup. Certainly much better than Sunscour, for whomever let that bombo slip through editing.
Wait, can a token be successfully shuffled into a players library such that it triggers the mirror-mad phantasm which has an "if that player does" clause?
The decks are awesome.
Congratulations for the very nice article.
OMG click HERE! OMG! How to autocard and use decklist format
For autocarding, write [c][/c] with the name of the card inside it. [c]Island[/c] = Island For linking a card to Gatherer without writting the name of said card for readers, use the autocard brackets together with and equal sign and right the name of the real card. Then put the message you want inside the tags, like you would do with autocarding. Like this: [c=Curse of the Cabal]Captain Never-resolves[/c] = Captain Never-resolves For using the decklist format, follow this: [deck] 4* Terramorphic Expanse 4* Evolving Wilds ... [/deck] It equals:
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I like storm crow because I really like crows in real life, as an animal, and the card isn't terribly stupid, but packs a good deal of nostalgia and also a chunck of the game's history. So it's perhaps one of the cards I have most affection to, but not because "lol storm crow is bad hurr hurr durr".
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Although I do assume you deliberately refer to them (DCI) as The Grand Imperial Convocation of Evil just for the purposes of making them sound like an ancient and terrible conspiracy.
Now, now. 1994 doesn't quite qualify as "ancient".
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Oh, it's a brilliant plan. You see, Bolas was travelling through shadowmoor, causing trouble, when he saw a Wickerbough Elder with its stylin' dead scarecrow hat. Now, Bolas being Bolas took the awesome hat and he put it on his head, but even with all his titanic powers of magic he couldn't make it fit. He grabbed some more scarecrows, but then a little kithkin girl asked if he was trying to build a toupee. "BY ALL THE POWERS IN THE MULTIVERSE!" he roared, "I WILL HAVE A HAT WORTHY OF MY GLORY." and so he went through his Dark Lore of Doom (tm) looking for something he could make into a hat that would look as stylish on him as a scarecrow does on a treefolk. He thought about the Phyrexians, but they were covered in goopy oil that would make his nonexistant hair greasy. He Tried out angels for a while but they didn't sit quite right. Then, he looked under "e" (because in the Elder Draconic alphabet, "e" for Eldrazi is right next to "h" for Hat) in his Dark Lore of Doom and saw depictions of the Eldrazi, and all their forms. "THIS SHALL BE MY HAT!" he declared, poking a picture of Emrakul, "AND WITH IT I WILL USHER IN A NEW AGE OF DARKNESS -- ER, I MEAN A NEW AGE OF FASHION!" And so Nicol Bolas masterminded the release of the Eldrazi.
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Rhox War Monk just flips pancakes, and if games have told us anything, it's that food = life.
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This thread has gotten creepy. XP
Really? Really? The last couple days have been roughly every perverse fetish imaginable, but it only got "creepy" when speculation on Mother of Runes's mob affiliation came up?
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Nice mana base. Not really.
Yeah, really. If my deck was going to cost $1000+, I'd at least make it good.
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I like to think up what I consider clever names for my decks, only later to be laughed at by my wife. It kills me a little on the inside, but thats what marriage is about.
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Of course, the best use [of tolaria west] is transmuting for the real Tolaria. ;)
Absolutely. I used to loose to my buddy's Banding deck for ages, it was then that I found out about Tolaria, and I was finally able win my first game.
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WOAH wait wait wait
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You know, being shallow and jusdgmental aside, "I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people"
56957928 wrote:
"I later found out that Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates with at least two other people"
56957928 wrote:
Jon infiltrated his way into OKCupid dates
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The only way I'd cast this card is into a bonfire.
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The short answer is that there's no rule barring annoying people from posting, but there a rule barring us from harassing them about it.
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Browbeat is a card that is an appropriate deck choice when there's no better idea available. "No better idea available" was pretty much the running theme of Odyssey era.
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Or perhaps it was a more straightforward comment indicating a wish for you to be bitten (Perhaps repeatedly) by a small yet highly venomous arachnid.
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You're an idiot, and I'm in no mood for silliness.
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You just... Vektor it.
That's the answer to everything.
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I think the problem is that you don't exist.
This would sound great out of context!
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Modern is like playing a new tournament every time : you build a deck, you win with it, don't bother keeping it. Just build another, its key pieces will get banned.
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I specifically remember posting a thread when I was just a witty bitty noob.
You make it sound like that's still not the case.
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Rap is what happens when the c from crap is taken away.
Doug Beyer:
But sometimes it's also challenging. Because sometimes OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?
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Flashforward five thousand years (Click for atmosphere) :
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to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, Vektor finds a way.
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when in rome **** AND PILLAGE
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I always find it helpful when im angry to dress up in an owl costume and rub pennies all over my body in front of a full body mirror next to the window.
Playing Magic without Blue is like sleeping without any sheets or blankets. You can do it...but why?
Me: "I love the moment when a control deck stabilizes. It feels so... right." Omega137: "I like the life drop part until you get there, it's the MtG variant of bungee jumping"
Just do it like Yu-Gi-Oh or monkeys: throw all the crap you got at them and hope it works or else the by-standers (or opponents) just get dirty and pissed.
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It's true that Alpha and Beta didn't contain any cards like Tarmogoyf, Darksteel Colossus, or Platinum Angel. It just contained weak, insignificant cards like Black Lotus, Mox Sapphire, and Time Walk.
Normally it's difficult to pick up on your jokes/sarcasm. But this one's pretty much out there. Good progress. You have moved up to Humanoid. You'll be Human in no time.
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I didn't know Samurai were known to be able to cut down whole armies...
They can when they're using lightsabers!
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My wife brought home a baby black squirrel they found on a horse track and cared for it for a few days. We named it Grixis, but it died.
Unearth it!
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[/spoiler] And I'm on Magic Arcana. How about you? Oh, by the way, I'm also on From the Lab now. Twice, actually. And now with my own submited decklist!
There's nothing about tokens that prevents them from being shuffled into a library, but then once they're there they can't come out except by heading off to Nonexistence Land which they go to practically immediately. It's still enough to make an "if you do" check succeed.

In the case of a token copy of Mirror-Mad Phantasm, even if the copy effect is innate (from something like Cackling Counterpart, as opposed to being a temporary effect from something like Cytoshape), the token owner will just keep flipping cards into the grave unless they have an actual MMP card somewhere in the deck. This is because the effect tells the player to "reveal cards from the top of the library", and the token isn't a card so it's never taken into consideration.
Mirror-Mad Phantasm is more crafty than I'd thought!  That's some interaction.
there are much better ways of using the mirror mad combo, which include [c]evil twin[c/] or [c]phantasmal image[c/]. they are much cheaper to use and have a higher chance of being drawn if you play 4 of each. with [c]evil twin[c/], the black element allows you to use [c]diabolic tutor[c/] or some other tutor card to make things even easier. Although the one downside to it is that you need [c]laboratory maniac[c/] to win. On the upside you get to use it in block constructed :D
you cant stop lands from producing mana. its a rule that got added to counter humility\living lands lock down
you cant stop lands from producing mana. its a rule that got added to counter humility\living lands lock down

Please post the rule you are referring to.

If you look on the Gatherer entry for Stony Silence it says "

9/22/2011Mana abilities of artifacts also can't be activated.

".  As we have artifact lands even without this combo I assume that it referrs to them as well.

Also, the Gatherer entry for Humility has this part.  " 

2/1/2007Removes all creature abilities. This includes mana abilities. Animated lands will also lose the ability to tap for mana.

I have also checked the comprehensive rulebook under 'Activating activated abilities", "Lands", and "Mana abilities" and found no entry that allows a land to create mana if it's ability can't be activated.

If you know of a rule that allows lands to use their mana abilities despite being unable to do so when they are also artifacts and Stony Silence is out please post the source.  
you cant stop lands from producing mana. its a rule that got added to counter humility\living lands lock down

I think you're confusing it with the fact that mana abilities don't use the stack and so can't be countered.  There's nothing that says you can't prevent them from being activated in the first place though.
I love that use of MMP. Although, unless I'm mistaken, that combo won't work with [C]Forbidden Orchard[/C] because the controller of [C]Forbidden Orchard[/C] puts the token into play, and therefore he is the owner of the token, even though he has put it into play under his opponent's control. No?
I love that use of MMP. Although, unless I'm mistaken, that combo won't work with [C]Forbidden Orchard[/C] because the controller of [C]Forbidden Orchard[/C] puts the token into play, and therefore he is the owner of the token, even though he has put it into play under his opponent's control. No?

I'm not sure, but I think I remember reading somewhere that a token's owner is the player under whose control it entered the battlefield.
This changed with M10: now if you give an opponent a token, they own that token. So while Varchild's War-Riders + Brand and Hunted Dragon + Warp World stopped being combos, this becomes one.

Please pardon the fanfic. As always, Wizards and Noel, thanks for the inspiration!


The nature of a planeswalker is that of a being intimately connected to and in touch with the energies of existence which envelop and bind all things, one to another. All the power of a planeswalker, their very life, is defined by their relationship to and control over the threads of mana which weave reality together.

At least, such is true for most planeswalkers. Not so this one. He loathes mana. He is allergic to it and to the very fundaments of life itself. Merely living among the energies of the world leaves him distracted and irritable, nauseous and feverish, his body aching and his skin sore with hives. Magic has caused his entire life to be defined by inescapable illness.

But he has a plan. He has found a small, nearly empty plane, almost all secluded steppes and featureless plains with only a handful of ancient ruins, untouched for eons, dotting the blank uniformity. The immense age of the plane and the untold millennia of its abandonment has already left it drained of much of its natural energy. Unsatisfied with this, however, the planeswalker has also buried nodes of enchanted porphyry in various places around the plane which are slowly, imperceptibly, draining all the life's essence out of the few native creatures that still call the plane home. Soon, the plane will be scoured of all but the faintest hint of mana itself. But the planeswalker will go even further.

He has acquired a small sample of something precious. A synthetic fungus, mycosynth, quick-growing and nearly devoid of mana properties itself. Where mana dies, mycosynth thrives. He has planted cuttings of this mycosynth all over his pocket plane and now simply plays the waiting game for it to devour all that it touches. And when the entire plane is made sterile mycosynth, he shall summon an eternal, stony silence upon the world and purge it of all mana once and forever. Then, will he finally be free of the curse he could cure by no other means.

Self Loathing
This planeswalker, too, bears a curse, although one he is proud of. A fire elemental, he comes from a plane where his kind is an endangered species. The dragons of his world nourish themselves on ash and flame and their favorite cuisine is elemental flambé. The elementals are cursed to be hunted by all that find them, either by the dragons themselves or by those who wish to curry favor with the wyrms.

But this planeswalker's people have long fought the dragons and hunted them in return. They use the strength of their curse to their advantage and know how to manipulate the dragons with its power, even to turn them against their own scaled kin. So it has been for generations upon generations.

Until this planeswalker's spark ignited. When he finally returned to his homeplane, he gathered his people about him, many several lives removed from the peers he had once known in his youth, and told them his plan. There were worlds beyond this one. Many worlds. And they were to escape to them. He would lead them.

Many refused to leave. No matter how dangerous and unwelcoming, this world was still their home. But nearly as many chose to follow the planeswalker into the unknown.

Now, he and his kin wander the multiverse as a free company of dragonslayers and dragonslavers. Where they find a need for their services, they ply their trade at a high price, but they always deliver on their promises. And where they find no need for their services, they ply them anyway just for the pleasure of the hunt.

Give up the Ghost
Despite what some would have you believe, transfiguration is not an easy discipline. One can't simply wave a wand around and transform a teacup into a mouse or something. One must have detailed, exhaustive knowledge of every element and component that comprises both forms and must also know the means of replacing each element with its precise, respective complement, in what order and in what configuration.

This planeswalker knows all about that. He has spent the majority of his life studying the nature of transfiguration. He is very familiar with what it means to reshape a thing in its matter and essence and also with what happens when the process is reversed.

More recently, however, he has become deeply fascinated not so much with the transformation of one thing into another, but of nothing into something or even of something into nothing. This is a new frontier for him, one which he is highly excited to explore.

Unfortunately for many of his early test subjects, they have fared less well than has his own enthusiasm. His chambers of manipulation are now haunted by the mad phantasms of unsuccessful experiments (or, perhaps, highly successful, depending on the definition of the experiment) and great, slavering beasts keep unexpectedly bursting through of the surfaces of his breeding pools at the most inconvenient moments.

He's even started to see ghosts, or perhaps things even less substantial, flitting in and out of the branches of his private orchard. He should really stop letting all these minor concerns distract him from his work, he thinks as he walks back down into his woodland lab.

But first things first, he says to himself. I'll have to take down all these mirrors all over the place. I don't even remember what experiment I hung them for anymore and I always feel like I'm being watched through them when I turn my back.

And he thought that to himself anew every single day until the ghosts finally showed him just how far his work in the transfiguration of matter into nothingness had come.

Please pardon the fanfic.

Pardoned on all accounts - very well written, Sir!

I hope Doug Beyer reads this and sends you an invitation to Renton.

Jakusotsu, I think that's one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. Thank you!
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