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This was an interesting feat I read.  I know there are tons of ways to get CA, but having a rogue with a MC assassin feat nabbing this would make their lives sooooo much easier.

Question is whether this feat makes Rogue/Ossassin hybrids more attractive?

Shroud someone > rogue power to sneak attack, shroud 2 > assassin power

Rinse and repeat.
Nope, you're better off not using assassin at all and (even if you insist on assassin) taking Cunning Stalker instead.
2 feats that give you CA on a monster for an entire encounter as a free action sounds juicy and its not a bad idea. assassin MC is not bad at all.

however as eisenritter said you will probably get almost as much for your effort with less investment from cunning stalker. 
I'm actually building myself an Elf Rogue cunning stalker.  I'm doing some out-of-the-ordinary things with my stats, but it's for roleplay purposes (pumping WIS instead of INT or CHA.  He's a hunter, not a socialite).  Wisdom is a good stat to pump if I'm not pumping CHA.  Cunning Stalker's riders are pretty weak, so I'm ignoring INT.

I've taken a great interest in the Scavenger Bird Ki Focus.   Remove all shrouds off a target I hit and place them on another enemy?  Yes plz!  Bloodied enemies are usually the queue saying, "Hey, put your shrouds on a fresh target before I die!"

Picked up Shadowblade as my PP.  Not the most omg-elite PP, but it's actually quite nice.  Another way to get CA should I need to save the use of my shrouds.  The shadowblade is a really attractive weapon to me.  A killer with an untracable murder weapon... 
Nope, you're better off not using assassin at all and (even if you insist on assassin) taking Cunning Stalker instead.

I did some experimenting and you are quite right about hybriding assassins.  I lose too many toys and I don't gain enough goodies to make it worthwhile.
I think Cruel Shroud is amazing on a pure assassin. Not sure about whether a rogue would need it.
It would give ranged rogues a SUPER easy time with gaining combat advantage and thus Sneak Attack, though it will cost them their MC feat in order to do so.  For pure assassins, it is pretty sweet as it is!  Get a lot of items/feats that activate due to having CA like Subtle Weapon, Armor of Dark Deeds, Nimble Blade, and Light Blade Expertise!

Shadow Initiate, the MC feat, allows you to use AS twice per encounter and it got me wondering if I could "recycle" the shrouds.  The answer is yes and there are two ways in which you can do so.

1- Inexorable Shroud, an Assassin feat (this requires that you put both uses of AS on the target before you can use this feat)
2- Scavenger Bird, a ki-focus

Whether a rogue would need this or not is ultimately up to the player and the things they experience during their games.  Especially at higher tier.  When I hear about auras on a mob, I like to switch up my tactic and focus on dealing damage from a distance.
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