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It seems that after the latest update all my custom creatures have had their damage systematically changed. Since all of them are substantially higher I assume this was a result of the fix for the MM3 math. Since I was already using the higher damage numbers this means I must rework any custom creatures I plan to use.

Has any one else noticed this?

Is it possible that in future changes to the Adventure Tools that consideration could be made to leave custom creatures as they are?

Edit addition: Custom creatures have also had their attack modifiers changed.
What about the people that used the numbers as they were? Then their math wouldn't update and they would want it to.

This is an interesting dilemma.
Maybe it is just me but it seems keeping user entered data unaltered should be the default. Making the assumption that the user did not want the values they entered seems odd.

It seems strange all together that the program would even go into data files and recalculate values. It undermines my confidence in the integrity of the data. Will the user need to verify that the creatures they have created have not been altered each time they wish to use them? Maybe there are people who would like the tool to work this way, I am not one of them.
If you change it back to a lower value, exit, and then start MB up again and open the monster, does it retain your lower values? I just want to make sure it isn't always auto-updating.

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I think you are correct, after thinking on that one for a bit, Dunk. Not being all that versed in the monster creation process with the MB (just finally had the hot-fix issued), I assumed that when I made my level 1 soldier, it used the normal damage values, and I didn't go any further than that. Looking at it after you said that made me realize that I would want to make changes instead of having 1d10+4 damage for the power.

I do apologize for sounding a bit too opinionated.

The monsters I have fixed so far retain the values I have reset them to. Prior to the update, values remained constant as far as I could tell. Aside from the problem with average damage and fractions it had.

I only noticed the changed values after the update and assume it had something to do with it. The difference is minor on lower level monsters but the higher the level the more dramatic the change. Attack values were also changed -2 on attacks against AC with soldiers, -1 on NAD attacks on controllers. That is all consistent with the new rules for monsters.

Official monsters do not seem to have been altered in the same way so it looks to me as if it was a decision or oversight that included custom monster data for update. I am hoping that what ever happened will not be a “feature” of the update process and reoccur each time. Unfortunately I am back to checking each monster before I use it just like the old monster builder, because I can not be sure things have remained the same. Hopefully it will prove to be pointless and I can break the habit.

Kimli, I saw nothing to apologize for and had no intention of implying that there was.

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