World of Calvanna

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Experience a continent at war. Quest for legendary artifacts. Discover treasure, gain honor, fight epic battles, solve the mysteries, and encounter dragons on a scale never seen before. Enter the World of Calvanna and become part of the story that has lived on for decades and that will encompass the classic legends and lore of the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Explore a new world and all its dangers, dungeons, catacombs, mines, castles, cities, and more. Fully mapped and full of adventure. Expereince the challenges, mystery and intensity in what the tesplayers have called "The most exciting and addicting adventure played in the last decade".

Interact with heroes both legendary and new, parley with dragons and deities, and help save a continent and what is left of its civilization. Transform your fledgling hero into a powerful epic legend of your own. Fore more information, module descriptions, and samples of the Cities of Calvanna book visit