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Hello All,

Season 7 has been available for order for over a month. If you have not put in an order for D&D Encounters Season 7 - Beyond the Crystal Cave, do it now. Fire up WER and hit the Future Events button.

Also, if you are running Lair Assault, Season 2 - Talon of Umberlee is now available for oder (went live Oct. 15th). Order all the days you think you might play because once all the kits are ordered they shut down the abiltity to schedule.

That is all,

Bryan Blumklotz
WPN DDE Coordinator for Guardian Games
Thanks for the heads-up. I know I missed the first Lair Assault season due to just not knowing that it was even there! 
Strangely, the system wouldn't let my FLGS owner sign up for either until last week. But she tried a different method to do it, not sure what. Either way, we're squared away for the next season. Hope everyone got a chance to sign up! =)
I've had season 7 ordered for a while now but I don't even see the new Lair Assault to order. And I've been running Lair Assault 1 for the last 2 months. Heck, I didn't even get an email saying when the scheduling opened for either. Do they still do that?

I sent a note to customer service about it. I hope I can get this resolved so I don't miss out on the next Lair Assault as that is becoming more popular than Encounters.
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