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So I finally have another Dark Sun campaign starting. A problem I've had before with my characters was in the naming of them. I decided to take a page out of Chris Perkin's book and make a list of character names. However, I will not be using his advice on names for different races.


Halfling names are simple and playful (e.g., Corby, Happy, Rabbit, Ziza), and their last names tend to include some thematic tie to nature or water (e.g., Blackwater, Skiprock, Yellowcrane).


Instead I found Native American names fall in line with what I'm looking for for Halflings. Such as Aylen (f), Nanuq (m) and Shikoba (m/f). One of the halfling names used in the Prism Petad books is actually Czech. Generally I stay away from the funny names when I get into Dark Sun. My last non-serious campaign had a bartender named Al Keelhaul, which has become a major character in one of my campaigns, but the world soon devolved into characters with weird last names like Bronzetooth and Windrunner.

I was wondering if any of you made a list of names or use certain types of names to get that Dark Sun feel.
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There are a couple of websites that pop right up if you search for "Athasian names" that host lists of names taken from all the Dark Sun books, usually sorted by race and gender. I usually use those names or alter them slightly.

I'm just now beginning my first really serious Dark Sun campaign. It's set in Nibenay. Nibenay is based on Angkor Wat and ancient Cambodia, so I'm using Cambodian names.
Same, mine is set in Balic so I am using mainly Roman names.
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