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Hi all! I total forgot to plan and hoping you all could help me come up with some random encounters in the woods.  The Players control a small coastal village and are a the only civilization for hundreds of miles.  There are sources nearby for undead, aberations and extraplaner foes. The group is 5 3rd level character so I do not want any critters higher the 7th level.  I would like random encounters to range form level 3-6.  I do not need alot of details but encounter groups would be of great help.  If you are feeling motivated I would love to see the same theame done up at at all 4 encounter levels.  Thanks in advance.  I know I should have done this sooner but I really do want "random" encounters to be some what random.  Just not 1e random.

Vampiric deer.
Abberant squirrels.
Possessed badgers.

Only slightly tounge-in-cheek, as I know a blood-sucking Bambi would freak the heck out of me (bonus points if it's a vampiric fawn with the blood-drained corpse of a rabbit nearby).
I will total use that stuff when I have time to stat it all out.  For now I need encoutner groups that I can find in compendium.  Still Bambi draining Thumper has twisted appeal.  Thanks

A dark fair that pops up from time to time to lure passersby to their doom. All the performers are in fact some sore of fey/devil in disguise.
Badgers, wolves, goblins, kobolds, orcs, boar, dire everything, basically any natural creature.
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What about a random delve?  Imagine a sinkhole that opens up as a result of the characters moving across some unsupported earth, revealing an old tomb filled with ghouls.  Build the sinkhole map ahead of time, and have the players determine their starting position on it based on Perception, Dungeoneering or Nature checks or even Acro+Ath checks.  They default to the center of the crater, and the higher they roll, the earlier they realize that the ground under them is unstable (or if you allow Acro+Ath, the farther they get from the center of the collapse before the ground gives way).  There could be a sharp incline on the sides of the hole, with some ledges here and there, and given a variety of roll results the party should start the encounter a little spread out and separated on the Z-axis.

From there, you might have a variable encounter planned - if the ranged charactes are the ones who happened to get the high elevations or the damage the group took in the fall is minimal, use more creatures, or if the characters took heavy damage from the fall or they're separated by the terrain in a way that doesn't favor them, use fewer.  They find themselves in the sinkhole, and while they're treating their injuries and trying to find a way out, they see that there's some worked stone mixed in with the dirt and grass and rock and deadfall.  There are even some holes that look suspiciously like passageways.  Just as they notice this, hideous, reeking monsters start to pour out of those dark openings, seeking their lives!

The minions could be a mix of those zombies that explode when they die, and rotwings to harry the characters on the ledges.  These are the house servants and the dead lord's animals.  A sprinkling of ghouls make up the lord's soldiers and family.

If you want it to end there, the party fights the undead and then has to find a way out of the pit.  If you want to keep them at it for a while longer, you can put rooms at the ends of those dark tunnels with burial chambers.  The nearest ones to the collapsed area would be empty, as the buried dead all came for the heroes after the cave-in.  As they explore, they could find the lord's chamber, a vault where a powerful lord was buried thousands of years ago along with his honor guard (and his most prized treasures).  

Use more of the exploding zombies to make the tight quarters of the tunnels more dangerous - you've shown them in the initial encounter what happens when they die, so make fighting the zombies in place a fairly deadly option.  The last chamber of the tomb that they find should be the lord's chamber, a relatively open area with rows of sarcophagi flanking the walls, and a big, elaborate one for the lord at the end.  Divide the lord's area from the other side of the chamber with a rushing underground river, something about the length that the most athletic characters in the party could cross without too much difficulty on a single move action, but the less athletic or heavier armored ones would be hard pressed to get across without assistance or some sort of preparation.  Then put the lord on the other side, and make him a leader with some sort of pushing/pulling ability and range or reach that makes him a threat to the players on either side of the water.

The encounter doesn't start until someone disturbs the tomb of the lord, at which point the sarcophagi all start to open (describe them starting to open before initiative is rolled, and let them come fully open on the monsters' initiative so the quicker players have an opportunity to find ways to keep them from emerging) and the soldiers buried within emerge to attack the players.  If they all went to the other side of the water before triggering the encounter, the soldiers attack with their bows while the lord tries to push them into the water with his attacks.  If they split up or most of the party is on the soldier side, the lord can either menace them from across the water and try to pull them into it, or he can attack the character who crossed to trigger the encounter.

The players can change the way the fight will play out by being careful.  If they start opening sarcophagi and destroying the bodies inside, have a more formidable version of the lord handy so you can still make it a challenging dogpile-the-solo fight, with the lord trying to deny actions by dumping characters into the water.  If they leave the sarcophagi undisturbed, they're the ones who get dogpiled - use the weaker lord and the soldiers, with perhaps one soldier being a lurker or skirmisher type who can heal the lord with a successful recharge or encounter melee attack, some sort of high priest sacrificing the intruders to his master. 

The encounter should be just about as difficult either way, but if they empty the sarcophagi on the way to the lord you can congratulate them for playing smart, telling them "imagine how much harder that guy would've been assisted by the ones you killed!"  They don't know you had a weaker lord in your pocket to preserve the encounter level, so you give the impression that their caution saved them from a very deadly encounter.  The reward for playing it smart in this case is the feeling that they were rewarded for playing smart.
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That is really awsome.  I will do this in while.  They will love/hate this.  Thanks

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