Unsanctioned Championship Belt

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Unsanctioned Championship Belt XX
Artifact - Championship Belt

  Belt-Whip XX(You may pay both X costs to change both the toughness and power of any creature.) : Pay the first X cost for power, then pay the second X cost for either higher or lower toughness for any creature; If power is higher than 5, then toughness must be lower than half; if toughness may not be subtracted, then it must remain in it's current position.

The Unsanctioned Champion will have to fight until they are no longer champion...

Rarity: Rare.

 You see, I have made up a new type of Artifact, known as the Championship Belt, which may be worn by any and all creatures, or they may be limited to just certain creatures. This card uses a cost of to make sure that the card may not be broken.

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