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All the units with Bridge Demolition have Demolition ability (both)??
Royal Engineers, U.S. Engineers, Pioneers or only UK unit..........

Y2UAsk 06-07-2006 01:30 PM
Royal Engineers (Base Set 13/48)
This unit now has an additional ability.

Demolitions: At the end of your movement phase or assault phase, if this unit is in a hex that contains an Obstacle or in a hex with an Obstacle along one of its hex edges, you may roll a die. On a 4 or higher, destroy that Obstacle.


All the units with Bridge Demolition have Demolition ability (both)?? Or only the UK?. 

In the updates (9-10-2010):
Royal Engineers, U.S. Engineers, Pioneers: Remove the words "or obstacle" from the last sentence of the Bridge Demolition special ability. A movement roll is required to cross a destroyed bridge, as it would be to cross any unbridged stream, but not a destroyed obstacle.

and recently, the japanase sapper
"" Replace the Imperial Engineer's stats with the Japanese Sapper. We'll put together a PDF card for this, too. Same timing note as above.
3.Cost 4
4.Speed 1
5.Defense 4/4
6.AI: 6/--/--
7.AV: 2/--/--
8.Close Assault 7
9.Demolition ""

Before revision has Command Demolition, now it is not a commander, cost 4 pts only.
But this demolition (Command demolition before) is not exactly the same as 3 engineers (UK, USA, GE).
Command Demolition "Each friendly Soldier adjacent to this unit may attemp to destroy an obstacle in its hex instead  of moving or attacking in your assault phase. Roll a die. If you roll a 4 or higher, destroy the obstacle."
The ability on Pioneer (and US Engineer) is called Bridge Demolition (not sure, but I think the Royal Engineer got modified to this too)

And it reads like "destroy a Bridge or Obstacle in its hex" (I think it was clasrified that along a hex edge - Barbed wire - and Brigde is part of both hexes bordering the stream - thus counting as IN the hex)

The problem of the new rule is that the last sentence (within the brackets) said that if Bridge and OBSTACLE is detroyed a movement roll is required from now on. This is OK concerning the Bridge, but destroed obstacles should NOT hamper movement, so we got the errata to delete and Obstacle from the sentence in the brackets.

So all three "engineers" can destroy BRIDGES and OBSTACLES.

Destroed BRIDGES require a movement roll

Destroyed OBSTACLES should be removed from play and the hex should be considered to function as it would have if NO Obstacle would have been in place from the start of the game...
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