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Hey guys, I'm still on my long journey to becoming a MtG artist one day, starting as a self trained rookie about 2 years ago.

Here's my most recent output:

Fire Mage

This was done with a friend of mine, who did the sketch. You can find that here. It differs from it in a few ways, because we decided that we would do 2 versions (he went to finish a version that's exactly like the sketch).

It's definitely inspired by the "Brimstone Mage" by Volkan Baga - and overall a very MtG inspired piece. I'd be happy for any kind of feedback. In my opinion, looking back at this picture, I probably could have done better with the fire. I've never really done fire before in this scale (and very rarely at all), so it was an experiment for me.

As always, I'd be happy for any kind of feedback, as it helps me becoming better.

Thank you!
Very nice. I like the change away from generic magewear, and the balding and scar are an improvement, I think. There does seem to be a minor problem with his weapon's blade--it looks slightly distorted on one side, not quite symmetrical. The portion of the collar on his left that connects to the chest plate also appears to be facing the wrong way--directly toward the viewer instead of angled with his body. And the lighting on his head seems to imply a second light source behind the viewer--the sun? Lastly, I'm not sure at all what the straight lines behind him are supposed to be--I'd guess a wall of some sort--maybe he's standing on a parapet? But it's way too flat and undetailed to be able to tell what it is.

I'm not an artist or at all capable of anything on this level, so take this all with a grain of salt, though.

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this is really good. my only complain is that the torso looks a bit off, but i can't place why.
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On par with current magic artworks if not better than some.

Self trained rookies for the win Honestly, I've got a similar dream. Still working hard and waiting for the right time to try out my luck.

Nice job. What I like especially is his personality. He strongly reminds me of some kind of warlock from a game I used to play as a kid. Fire doesn't look much like fire, but I like it anyway. I guess it's mostly about observing and practising.

Good luck!

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Very cool.
Two comments:
1- I think the blade blends with the fire too much. Should it not stand out more from being backlit by fire?
2- Although not a big deal, as it's magical fire, the fire itself doesn't look quite right.

Minor issues for awesome stuff, though.
The entire piece I think struggles with stylization and realism from the onset.

Major issues:

Fire: Why is the fire only marginally different from the source to when it leaves the frame? Shouldn't it vary? Stylized ore real? Buy a firework fountain. Take photos or take a video. Buy a blowtorch or make one. Study how fire looks and feels. 

Armor: If he has a scar, he's likely been in a battle, yes? That contrasts with his perfect armor. If you want idealism, do it up. If you want realism, do it up. These details matter. Find a larger museum website that has medieval armor and flip through pictures. If you can visit, even better. Be consistent with either side and if you chose to straddle both, make sure it's not distracting.

Anatomy: The elbow lines don't look authenic. The light on the hand doesn't look right. The man's right should is off. The foreshortened arm isn't foreshortened enough.

Mace/trident: How large is the endpiece? Is it larger than his head? not?

Arm outlines: Why is the weapon glowing white with his end two fingers on his left hand, but the left wrist has a strong black outline? Smooth that.

Head armor: Is this armor or cloth? It looks to be both. If it's armor, one head snap back could sever nerves and he's dead. Think Saw movie. If it's cloth, why match it so closely to the metal plates? Just curious here.

Medieval clothing: If you want to go historical, as a note, short-sleeves shirts didn't really exist. It was impractical. If they needed shorter sleeves, they pulled them up or wore an A-shirt type situation. Clothes were expensive. Sure, he's a cleric with money, whatever, but keep it in mind. Think tunic, tunic, tunic. If you don't use a tunic, deviate with a practical purpose. It brings subtle realism.

Minor issues: 
Horizon: unclear where the backlit light source is, no haze on the horizon (atmospheric perspective
Line mid chest: Is that a balcony or the edge of a painting? It's impossible to tell.
Lines on armor: Define them less, blur them more. Open a pop can inside out and play with your blow torch. Study the light.
Glowing weapon: It looks forced because it is. Tone it down.
Lower left corner: why is the handle glowing light brown where the wood handle meets metal?
Head: Forhead needs more wrinkles.
Right forearm: Flex the muscle more, he's holding a weapon up in the air.
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