Info on Nerath/Archosia/Bael Turath?

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I'm looking for any info about areas that are outside of the nentir vale. So far the largest sections I've found that have discussed areas outside of the nentir vale is dragon article 400 talking about the iron wolf barbarians and the monsters and worlds 4th ed preview book. The iron wolf barbarian article showed a map of a much larger region and I was wondering if that map or sections of that map appear in any other publications or things like that. I'd like to expand outside of the nentir vale without being forced into the feywild/shadowfell/underdark, etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
 did you check the Dragonborn and Tefling books??

a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....

This user has aggregated most (if not all) of the 'nerath' world articles from WotC:

Its good stuff. I'm using a few of the ideas in my current campaign.

There is a local wiki here, a points of light wiki at... Enworld, I think too, and both Enworld and have also nice threads on ideas for this.
Points of Light Wiki.  I recommend the Timeline: Imperial Age for info on Bael Turath and Arkhosia, and Nerathi Age for infor on Nerath
Thanks a lot guys. I was beginning to think there just wasn't anything else in print. Which would have been sad as I like games in this new points of light world.
Thanks a lot guys. I was beginning to think there just wasn't anything else in print. Which would have been sad as I like games in this new points of light world.

It's deliberatly made to be vaguer than even Eberron, and at times with some inconsistances in historical-mythical stuff. The Dm pounders and adapt-expend it..
Eberron is pretty detailed for the most part. I wasn't looking for that level of detail. Just some rough timelines and general geopraphy of the region outside the nentir vale.
The Conquest of Nerath boardgame has a map located here  (click the "Product Details" tab) that shows the location of the Nentir Vale within the larger game world, including locations for Tomb of Horrors, etc.

If you click the "Related Articles" tab when you click the link above, you will see all the other published articles that relate to this game world. Of course, these do not include the info that's been published in the hardcover and softcover books.  

Also, the Nerathi Legends articles have a lot of information, too.

Edit: Just noticed you were not a DDI subscriber so I don't know how much of this info you can access. 

I also might suggest checking out the D&D World novels. They were fun reads --- not the most epic fantasy, but it was fun to see the Nentir Vale and background come alive a little. 

-- Mark of Nerath (prequel and starting point for Nentir Vale books)  [finished and liked it] --- gave lots of disparate ideas for major campaigns -- A Dragon's Threat, the Abyssal Plague (demon-zombies), the last heir to the throne of Nerath, and a few minor adventure ideas -- including the rebirth of a lich and his second-in-command. Hard to describe, but even just one thread from this novel could have been a whole campaign arc. Its jammed together in a fun way -- but I would have enjoyed it longer.

-- Gates of Madness (prequel to Abyssal Plague) E-novella (see link below)
-- Temple of the Yellow Skulls (Abyssal Plague I) [finished and liked it --- action packed --- needs Mark of Nerath to understand]
-- Oath of Vigilance (Abyssal Plague II) [reading currently]
-- The Eye of the Chained God (Abysal Plague III] (published in 2012)

-- Last Garrison (unrelated, to be published at the end of 2011)
-- Seal of Karga Kul (unrelated, but set in D&D World) [own but haven't read yet]

and so on .....

better detailed in the article below.

In addition, many of these books have tie-ins to Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale and the adventures H2 Thunderspire Labyrinth, and more.

My last two cents!

I've managed to aquire and read most of the relevent stuff people have posted. So far I think the 'Legacy of Nerath' article in Dragon 393 gave the most pertitent information for anyone who's really looking into what Nerath was and how it currently affects the game world. The map from the board game is also good. It ties in very nicely with a lot of the articles and lets you actually see how areas that get described in the articles relate to other locations around the world.

Thanks for all the help guys/gals. I've got a much clearer picture of how I'd like to run a core campaign 1-30.
Thanks for making this thread, it has been very helpful.
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