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I was looking at the RPGA rules (going to a con) and I noticed tha D20 Modern is one of the systems supported by RPGA. Awesome!!!!! Does anyone know if RPGA has a D20 Mopdern living campaign? I searche and searched...nothing. Even the every powerful wizard of knowledge named Google came up empty. so I am thinking it does not exist....But why not? Why not a Living campaign in the Zombie Apocalypse or maybe just current day setting??? 
I believe that there is no RPGA living campagin for d20 Modern because WOTC has basically abandoned d20 Modern. There hasn't been any official support for d20 Modern for several years now. It's mostly just us fans that support and keep making more new material for it. And some 3rd party companies are still making some new stuff that is d20 modern compatible, or at least 3.5/pathfinder compatible and would require only minor tweeking for d20 Modern standards.
As kronos said, d20 Modern was basically abandoned. THe last official support from WotC that I know of was way back in the beginning of 2007 (Janurary, I think). d20 Modern never got anywhere near the attention that Dungeons and Dragons did, and it wasn't near as popular. If WotC ever does a modern setting again, they'll make a new rules set, not breing back d20 Modern. d20 Modern is, at least as far as WotC is concerned, dead.
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