Twin Strike with Tiger's Claw Rage

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Tiger's Claw Rage says that "when you miss any creature with a melee at-will attack, that creature takes 1[W] damage".

Twin Strike requires no introduction, I imagine.

Does having an active Tiger's Claw Rage mean I (essentially) can not miss?

And while I'm asking about Twin Strike, does it work with only one melee weapon? There was a build in CharOp (Battery: Circle of Destruction) that apparently uses a shield and a Drow Long Knife, but I thought you had to be dual wielding melee weapons to Twin Strike. And if he's throwing it, does that actually work?

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No you'd still miss, but you'd do damage on a miss. Specifically 1[W] + any mod adding to damage that isn't bound to hitting.

Twin Strike says you must be wielding two melee weapons or a ranged weapon.  and the Attack line read as follow:

Attack: Strength vs. AC (melee; main weapon and off-hand weapon) or  Dexterity vs. AC (ranged), two attacks  

The Power is intended to use a main weapon and off-hand weapon for melee attacks and a ranged weapon for ranged  attacks.

Or some Improvised Weapons.  Wink 

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 And if he's throwing it, does that actually work?

 If he's throwing the drow longknife, then that's the ranged version of twin strike, which only requires a single ranged weapon - the drow longknife is a heavy thrown weapon. And if he's using a magical one (which any character above 1st level should be), then it returns to the character after every attack, allowing them to make both ranged attacks of the twin strike...

As a ranged attack, it wouldn't benefit from Tiger's Claw Rage.

 For a melee twin strike, the character could use the shield as an improvised melee weapon, but it's also quite likely the character has a spiked shield, which is a light blade as well as a shield.

 For a melee twin strike, if you miss with both attacks, you'd end up doing the miss damage twice.


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Note that Twin Strike always uses Dex for the ranged version, even if the weapon you're throwing is Heavy Thrown.
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Also worth noting that not all bonuses to damage apply to misses - some rely on hits.
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