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I am not really that good of a deck builder. But when this came to me I felt giddy with excitement because... well it just seemed ridiculously fun! The problem is that though it can perform very well, it tends to... well at the moment it's ap ile and I could really use some help fixing it up. It definitely needs some disruption, but I'm unsure of how to include it without... well here's the list.

23 Creatures
4 x Gravedigger
4 x Phyrexian Rager
4 x Oculus
4 x Psychosis Crawler
4 x Murder of Crows
3 x Reaper from the Abyss

19 Spells
4 x Heartless Summoning
4 x Ponder
4 x Gitaxian Probe
4 x Visions of Beyond
3 x Shrine of Piercing Vision

18 Lands
4 x Darkslick Shores
4 x Drowned Catacomb
7 x Island
3 x Swamp

The basic idea is a simple three step plan:
1. Cantrip into Heartless Summoning
2. Cantrip into Psychosis Crawler
3. Cantrip into victory!

Unfortunately it's easily disrupted, doesn't seem to have quite enough cantripping (?!), and folds to aggro outright. The Reaper wasn't even in there originally, but I felt like I needed the disruption badly and it will always go off on your turn if you're doing things right... it's really underperforming though. At the same time, counter spells aren't really an option because you want to be tapping out each turn... I really doubt this is going to end up tier... anything really, but I would really like it if there was at least some way to make this deck work because when it actually does work out a bit, it's ridiculously fun to run.
I love heartless Summoning, but I see three issues:

1) The deck needs a lot more power when you don't hit summoning.
2) The deck is not amazing even when summoning IS out.
3) Autocard + Spellcheck = Combo



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Heartless Summoning is fun with UB and GB (this one have combo for Glissa and Perlious Myr)

Here my build to run

Huh, you know, I was going to post that I had an idea of comboing two Heartless Summoning with Corpse Cur + a ETB/LTB triggerer and rebuild my deck like that since the original idea was pretty much awful (miss_bun is right) but that's actually a far more effective one to use. Darn... if combo Heartless Summoning is the way to go, which I think it is since we really don't have the cards to Summoning for value just yet, then that ones is simply superior in just about every way.

I suppose you could include both in the same shell and attack from multiple sides, but it seems a bit clunky to include a combo and an inferior combo in the same deck even if they do have some overlap...
I love heartless summoning I think the benefit to it though is getting creatures that can really be taken advantage of.  These are things like bloodgift demon and frost titan.  Essentially, we want creatures that are expensive but they are broken not because of their P/T but because of their ability.  The demon gives CA the frost titan gives control.  Others I was thinking was rune-scared demon and evil twin which is like the metamorph but with a control aspect.  Im still working on a deck list, but will post when I can.
I love Myr Superion there.
@AnubisDread: you really dont need twelve 1cmc draw spells. cut at least eight of them and add some good removal (I hear black has a few of those).
Yeah I'll be the first to admit my initial list was a pile... if you're going to try and go combo, you need one that will win you the game the turn it comes down. So perhaps something more like this?

19 Creatures

4 x Corpse Cur
4 x Selhoff Occultist
4 x Phyrexian Rager
4 x Spellskite
3 x Murder of Crows

20 Non-creature Spells

4 x Heartless Summoning
4 x Ponder
4 x Shrine of Piercing Vision
4 x Mana Leak
2 x Doom Blade
2 x Go for the Throat

21 Lands

4 x Darkslick Shores
4 x Drowned Catacomb
5 x Swamp
8 x Island

Simple changes: lots less draw, a lot more disruption, and instead of a soft combo we have a strong infinite one with 2 Heartless, one Cultist and one Cur. Originally I was going to include 3 x Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon over the Crows, but the only thing this combo had over the Glissa/Perilous Myr one was consistency, so adding some redundancy to find your real combo seemed more important.
you can still go on combo, you just need to have a back-up plan.

4x Hand of the Praetors -makes hearltess summoning better not worse.
3x Plague Myr
3x Necropede
2x Corpse Cur
1x Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
3x Skinrender
2x Phyrexian Crusader

4x Dismember
3x Tezzeret's Gambit
3x Lashwrithe
1x Nim Deathmantle
4x Despise
4x Heartless Summoning

23 Swamp
± Inkmoth Nexus if you are willing to pay for them.

this would be a lot faster/even more efficient if you were to splash white and add Puresteel Paladin or Mentor of the Meek because then when u free drop a necropede or a myr u can draw into another infect buddy. which can still be done in this deck, you would just need to make room for Solemn Simulacrum or Mycosynth Wellspring or Traveler's Amulet
Well, the latest version of the deck failed miserably. Four cards for a combo is just too much. I guess I really will have to go for Glissa, the Traitor + Perilous Myr if I want to go true infinte, even if it messes with the mana base a bit. Either that or go with your idea DarkArtist, which is EXCELLENT by the way. However, I really want to keep it pure combo (more Exarch Twin than anything else) so here's what I worked out for the next batch of testing:

4 x Glissa, the Traitor
4 x Perilous Myr
4 x Necropede
4 x Moriok Replica

4 x Heartless Summoning
4 x Mana Leak
4 x Ponder
4 x Forbidden Alchemy
3 x Doom Blade
2 x Go for the Throat
2 x Noxious Revival

4 x Darkslick Shores
4 x Hinterland Harbor
4 x Woodland Cemetery
2 x Drowned Catacomb
3 x Island
4 x Swamp

That mana looks awful, but how else do you splash Glissa while still being able to cast all the necessary digging? Moriok Replica over Phyrexian Rager also looks a little strange, but although Rager plays better with Summoning and is better on its own, the Replica is better than Glissa enough that it slightly wins out. At least I think it does?

I really like that in theory this thing can win on turn three with only three cards, but comparing it just to Exarch Twin winning on turn four with only two is usually going to be better...

EDIT: Seems I misread Glissa and it only works when creatures an opponent controls... hm... well it's still... an okay combo. Darn.
you could look at corpse cur and a sac critter effect.

two heartless, two corpse cur and sac critter effect forevah 
I wish that worked, but unfortunately since the Corpse Cur would gain negative toughness due to the Heartless Summoning, it's sent to the graveyard as a state based effect the moment it hits the battlefield. This means a few things:

1) You can't sacrifice it as it's sent to the graveyard before priority is passed to you.
2) You only need one for an infinite loop!

Unfortunately in testing needing two of the same card is difficult, especially when they're an enchantment which aren't especially tutorable at the moment...
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