Mycosynth Lattice, Commander Rule 903.9 and a Controlled Creature's ability cost not in my profile.

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Let's assume I have a Mycosynth Lattice in play and in some manner I gain control of a creature that has an ability not in my commander's colour profile.

Using conventional means I cannot pay this cost since I cannot generate any coloured mana in my mana pool that isn't a colour in my commander's colour profile by 903.9. 

The Lattice doesn't say add any colour to my mana pool, it reads as a replacement effect and says that I can **spend** mana **as though** it were of any colour. 

I interpret this to mean that if I had a red mana in my colour profile but not black, I could tap a mountain to pay B on a creature's activated ability since I am adding R to my mana pool but spending it **as though** it were B.

Does this argument satisfy 903.9's requirements but still allow the ability to be paid? 
Yes, you can use Mycosynth Lattice to pay colored costs not in your commander's color identity.

903.9 only cares about what color mana gets added to your pool, not what color you spend it as. 
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Correct. You can spend the red mana (which you can make) as though it was black mana (which you can't make) and activate an ability requiring black mana as a payment.

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