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Planewalker Quarterly Zine

We're creating a new, free quarterly fanzine for planar aficionados and we want you to help us! Our goal is to bring together fans of planar adventuring and promote the aspects of Planescape we fell in love with as well as provide support for those playing in Pathfinder's Great Beyond, 4e's cosmos, or other cosmologies including their own homebrewed Mulitverses. 

The magic is happening here:

We're looking for creative types to help us with art and articles. Article ideas include locations, NPCs, classes and prestige classes, monsters, new planes / prime worlds / cosmologies, reviews, interviews, and GM and player advice. If you have other ideas for fluff and crunch (open to multiple systems), definitely come over and suggest them!

Looking forward to seeing you,


sounds good.

I dream of Beer Head Armies.

Autocard is our friend. [c‍]Urborg Mindsucker[/‍c] → Urborg Mindsucker

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