Sunless Citadel for 7 players.

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This is going to be way too easy for 7 level 1 players. As a newbie DM, I need advice on how to raise the EL. Just adding more Kobolds doesn't seem to be effective or interesting. Advancing them 1HD seems to be overpowering, especially since the ELs increases to 3 by the end of the module (party of 7 will be level 2.)

Any tips? 
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I'm admitting I haven't played SC but the basic advice is to simply raise the number of opponents faces.  Assuming the adventure is written for 4 PC having 7 PC means you should double the number of opponents.  That is a little higher than it actually should be but more PCs should be able to handle it.

If adding more opponents doesn't seem effective or interesting I wonder if you're actually hitting metagame issues.  With added numbers the PCs may have "extra" characters in the more effective classes; some groups don't really need more than one of character type to be effective which means more of other  character types.
I'm starting this game tonight for only 3 players, and I've already DMed for a group of 4. (I am gonna change a lot, though. I'm also using Pathfinder instead of 3.x)
- Add extra mooks. A goblin here and a kobold there.
- Talgen is supposed to be dead, but his body isn't mentioned in SC. Turn him into a supplicant.
- You could turn Calcryx into a very young dragon, though it might make him more deadly.
- The failed dragonpriest could use the stats of a troll.
Instead of just slapping in more kobolds or goblins, give them a worg or giant weasel. 
Perhaps one of the goblins/kobolds is a shaman with a couple of skeletons or zombies under his control. 
Give calcryx a 2 point bump in his AC and to hit.  No need to raise him all the way to the next dragon age. He's just a scrappy little guy.

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