10/19/2011 StF: "A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad: Nephalia and the Undead"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Savor the Flavor, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Given how obviously and overwhelmingly Blue-Black this entire province is, I find it "interesting" that one of the two cards we've seen from its resident Stromkirk bloodline is red.  I strongly suspect this card would be black if flavor alone was the determining factor, as pretty much all the other red vampires are portrayed as being completely out-of-control with bloodthirst; it seems like you would have to be nonred to be able to restrain your hungers and walk among the populace just to prove you can.  (Then again, the red-aligned are not above being stubborn, so maybe they can teach themselves patience for this exact purpose.)
The presence of wood everywhere seems a bit odd given the risk of fire (even if Nephalia in general is so wet and misty as to help protect against this).  If I were Runo and I wanted every single tree in the province gone, I'd encourage the locals to build just a few buildings out of wood - then have a brainwashed minion go set said buildings on fire, killing hundreds of people and creating a massive public backlash against the use of wood in construction, hopefully provoking enough outrage that the entire local forest would be slashburned just to be on the safe side.
Hoping for a Ludevic card in the next set, by the way.  Would also love to see some cards for the Fauchard - blue soldiers with a major "spy" vibe and some mechanics representing their use of code signs and secret-agent tactics.  And hoping for some frost-ghost and sea-ghost cards, and maybe some cards representing the Ditch and its bridge-cities...dang, they did so much awesome worldbuilding and we only get to see a tiny sliver of it on cards.
Love the description of five colors of ghosts; they alone would have been able to carry this set as far as I'm concerned, as it's giving me nice Ravnica flashbacks to think of a medieval civilization where the existence of an afterlife is known fact and a part of daily life.  I wonder how often someone claims to have been possessed in order to get out of criminal culpability for a deed they committed of their own free will, and how good the Avacynians, metzalars or other authorties are at checking such stories.
Whereas geists associated with other colors of mana might be benevolent or neutral, black-aligned geists are almost always dangerous and malevolent.

Of course they are.  *sigh*
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As far as the benefit of the rest of Magic is concerned, gold cards in Legends were executed perfectly. They got all the excitement a designer could hope out of a splashy new mechanic without using up any of the valuable design space. Truly amazing. --Aaron Forsythe's Random Card Comment on Kei Takahashi
It doesn't even make sense considering that the geists were the ones meant to be all evil originally.

Oh well, at least geists can be evil. That is a reason for rejoicing.
Still no word what is beyond the borders? Where do the ships go to? What is beyond the four provinces?
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