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hey all,
i got 2 questions for you:

1st. playing a swordmage defender with a longsword in main hand and free off-hand, i get the +3 in armor class. thats awesome, more than a shield   my question is if i can use the versatile longsword with two hands when i hit to get the +1 dmg, but still defending with one-handed style ???

and 2nd.  with the Rose King's Shield feat i gain +5 temp hp with my booming blade hit, and 10 temp hp if i move more than 2 squares. i know that temp hp from diferrend or same sourses in the same round dont stuck, u just keep the higher.! my question is if i dont get hit until my next round and i hit again with booming blade and gain +5 temp hp, do those stuck and i totally have 10 temp hp? or 15 temp hp if i move more than 2 sq.?? or temp hp DONT stuck from diferrent rounds and i stay at 5 temp hp or go at 10 temp hp(2 sq move)??
1) Depends somewhat on your DM, technically you can hold the sword in two hands when you attack and then let go after. Keep in mind though that if you trigger an interrupt action from a monster you do not get your AC for it; for example monsters that can counter-attack you when hit will hit your lower AC.

2) Two uses of a power are still two sources, so they don't stack. If you have 5 temp HP and then something would give you 5 temp HP, you still end up with 5 temp HP.
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THP don't stack, but you get the higher of your current or whatever you're being granted.

e.g. You have 5 THP (from anything) and you move at least 2 squares and hit with Booming Blade and have the feat Rose King's Shield. You now have 10 THP.

You have 10 THP and you hit with BB without moving and have RKS. You stay at 10 THP.

If something says "gain X THP" it doesn't mean stack them, by the way. They only stack if VERY explicitly stated to do so. 
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