10/18/2011 LI: "Single Card Strategies: Bloodcrazed Neonate"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Just last week I drafted a blue-red deck that included a Bloodcrazed Neonate as well as many of the same cards mentioned in this article - Nightbird's Clutches, Crossway Vampire, Silent Departure (plus double Grasp of Phantoms), TRIPLE Spectral Flight, and even Stitched Drake (which I once cast after using my Neonate to block a Reckless Waif).

In one game, I played a Bloodcrazed Neonate on turn 2, and suited it up the next turn with Spectral Flight ... plus Curiosity.

I won that game.
On Innistrad release day I drafted a Vampire deck. Two of the easiest wins that day were turn 2 Bloodcrazed Neonate, followed by turn 3 Gruesome Deformity, and turn 2 Interloper, turn 3 Rakish Heir. I decided to make a standard Vampire deck after that.
This last Friday I won the first game of my third-round matchup on the back of a single Bloodcrazed Neonate--I never hit with anything else. I dropped it on the second turn, then used removal spells or block-stoppers of some description for several turns after any time my opponent could have otherwise made a favorable block until it was bigger than any single thing my opponent could muster on defense.

The turn he finally managed to keep two creatures out to potentially double-block and kill it, I dropped Spectral Flight onto it.

It was glorious.

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Because frankly, being here depresses me these days.

I bought the red black intro pack and ended up drafting vampires a couple weeks ago. since then ive made a very agro red black vampire deck centered around neonate. cobbled wings and neonate is deadly, with cards like curse of stalked prey, rakish heir, volt charge, to super power the neonates fast. bump in the nights are always good. also, since neonate has to attakc anyway, furror of the bitten is +2+2 for 2 with no drawbacks on a neonate. so by turn three i can usually get a 3/2 with flying or a 4/3. late game is kind of clear, with rakish heirs and curse of stalked preys on the field throwing down a falkenrath mauraders gives you a 6/6 and up with flying. honestly, until i got bloodcrazed neonate i really wasnt liking innistrad but now that i have consistant 5/5 flyer on turn 4 that only gets bigger im pretty happy about it. 
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