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What would be some particularly good creatures to throw at gladiators in an arena? My campaign is set in Dark Sun but I'd like to hear any ideas.
What level are the gladiators in question?
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
For my campaign, they will be starting at level one. They will probably stay slave gladiators until level two. I enjoy making monsters so I have no problem bringing creatures down in level or making stats from scratch. Also, it's Dark Sun and I will have a couple of extra players so I will have all the encounters be at least plus one level for a challenge.
Wild animals and smaller creatures make for good starting material, but when they reach the culmination of level 1 and get ready to enter level 2, throw something larger at them. What to use really depends on the details of creature population in your game. Athas has a lot of races go extinct as the planet became more and more tainted and barren of water, so what you put your players against is really a matter of what races you want to keep in the game and what races you want to have become little more than a myth or memory.

Start with some Baazrags to introduce them to the crowd, and go up from there with other levels of creatures, both intelligent and savage, to keep things fresh.

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Baazrags are a good way to go, actually. Maybe a couple of pups or crippled ones in the bunch, since the characters are level one.
My PCs were traipsing through Droaam one time in an Eberron campaign and one of them decided to try his hand in the gladitorial arena in the hopes of winning a badass sword. I had him fight a young bulette (Monster Vault, level 7 lurker compared to his level 5 Fighter), and it seemed to go over rather well. It felt right as a strange, feral monster captured in the wild and brought back in chains.
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