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I had an idea on a character build for a Blackguard that would in the end, end up with multiple breath weapon attacks per encounter.  The problem is, I misread the one feat that I thought would allow it (spirit breath).

So ... Can anyone think of another set of feats that I could take that might get me the same thing?  His breath weapon is cold btw 

Basically the concept is a Dragonborn that's more dragon than anything else (been taking a lot of breathweapon feats (like surprising breath, enlarged breath, winter touched - later on, lasting frost, etc, etc...))


The only way to consistently recharge Dragonbreath is to be a Sorcerer or hybrid Sorcerer and have the Dragon Magic Class feature so you qualify for the feat Ancient Soul (as a hybrid you need to spend your hybrid talent feat on getting Dragon Magic).

Then it gets... complicated.
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