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New to the forum and Modern, but I was wondering with the slowing down of Modern could a Faery control deck work now. This is what I'm working with right now:


4*Spellstutter Sprite
4*Vendilion Clique
4*Mistbind Clique
3*Snapcaster Mage
2*Scion of Oona
1*Oona, Queen of the Fae

2*Spell Snare
4*Rune Snag
3*Familiar's Ruse
1*Slaughter Pact
1*Doom Blade
2*Sword of Feast and Famine

3*Faerie Harbinger
3*Glen Elendra Archmage
2*Nihil Spellbomb
2*Vedalken Shackles
2*Sower of Temptation

Im not sold on the Harbinger right now but as my knowledge of older cards is weak I don't know what to replace it with. I have also considered throwing in 4 Bobs to the main.

I'd find a replacement for Oona, doesn't seem to fit into the flash/Counters, you'd only be willing to cast it when your in a winning position and your other fae creatures should be enough to win. with regards to the harbingers -3 +3 Trickbind, its stops all form of storm cards. which is good.
Replace Oona with a 4th snapcaster?

And what cards should I be looking out for with trickbind? 
In regards to the trickbind it can always act as two mana land destruction as most modern mana bases will be running some sac lands. I'd also consider maybe Deathmark in the sideboard
I reccomend aether vial and mutavault.
Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this.
So I managed to get some practise games against Zoo before FNM (lost badly every game, but we weren't sideboarding). This being my first time playing the deck I went back to my list to make some changes. This is what I have now:


4x Spellstutter Sprite
4x Pestermite
4x Vendilion Clique
3x Snapcaster Mage
3x Mistbind Clique
2x Scion of Oona
2x Sower of Temptation
4x Rune Snag
3x Familiar's Ruse
2x Spell Snare
2x Smother
1x Slaughter Pact
1x Doom Blade
4x Deathmark
3x Trickbind
3x Damnation
2x Nihil Spellbomb
3x Doom Blade

Aether vial is interesting I'm just not sure how it will fit into the deck as most of the faeries don't share the same cmc.
I actually don't think Aether Vial fits in the deck. Why? Because:
a) It makes your dudes Instant speed:
and as we know, almost every faerie is instant speed.
b) It gives you a discount so you can counter doods
not relevant, because you always hold up counter mana because ALL your dudes come end of turn, or cripple the opponents turn.

Cryptic Command instead of Familiar's Ruse?
I like familiar's because I can bounce a spell stutter and replay her for 4 mana total. I know crytic command is amazing, but I'm not sure that the 4 cmc works with this deck.
It does. Fae are a fish deck. While it's absolutely asinine that BB got banned (honestly, I was looking forward to re-assembling fae...) you're playing Draw-go except you've got them on a clock, which makes it act more like aggro with a heavy disruption suite.

Against aggro you'll find yourself running low on gas and possibly somewhat outmuscled. Depending on what kind of a time walk you need, by turns 4-6 one of the options (although counter-tap all is really only viable if they're stupid enough to  play a spell during their first main phase) will let you seal the deal.

Needs more scions, I'd say. Ruse always looked amazing, but the fact that it's completely dead if you stumble against any other control deck or any deck with burn. just... hurts.

Also, needs moar cashsieve.

Pestermine is cool, but he's basically another trick that buys you time against aggro or that forces a play from control. I'd cut 2 for a conclave and something else.

Also, you need more card draw. The mage is cool, but... well, as amazing as he is, you need more raw CA. BSZ fits our game-plan, unlike Jace 1 (the go-to fae found after Ancestral rotated out of t2). A 1-of equipment is traditonal, although with the lack of BB that's less guaranteed usefull. With Jitte gone it's be fire and ice, if anything, but... eh. It wouldn't be coming down till turn 8 or so, by which point it'd be over anyways, I suppose. 
76783093 wrote:
Luckily, we have stop-having-fun guys to remind us that having anything more than 60 cards in your deck is tantamount to being a rapist and anyone considering it should be strung up by their ****.
What's cashsieve?

So removing the mage, pestermite and familiar's ruse and adding 2 more scions and 4 cryptic command leaves me with 4 open slots. So what would you suggest?

As for card draw the only thing I can really thing of is forbidden or think twice as they both work with the draw-go style of the deck. 
Played some more modern at FNM between rounds, and I'm still getting beat by Zoo. So I reworked the deck to include more removal:


1x Damnation

4x Deathmark
3x Trickbind
2x Damnation
2x Nihil Spellbomb

This does however leave me with 4 open slots in my sideboard. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
How to beat zoo:

Cards Going Out(-8)

0 Peek(-2)
0 Damnation(-1)
4 Island (-1)
3 Vendillion(-1)
0 Pestermite (-2)
3 Cryptic Command(-1)

Cards Going In(+8)

4 Agony Warp(+1)
4 Spell Snare(+2)
4 Rune Snag(+2)
2 Snapcaster Mage(+2)/Or alternatively make 4 Spell Snare(+2)
3 Smother (+1)

Zoo will often win game 1 when on the play. With deathmark in side you should be pretty fine. Make sure you play Sudden Death sidebaord otherwise you lose automatically to Splinter Twin. I don't think trickbind has a purpose in this deck. I feel like adding something against affinity and monored will be more appropriate since you will suffer greatly against monored. Running spell snare is crucial when you are on the draw since if you do not counter goyf you cannot rely on topdecking while playing onl 2 smothers in your build. Give it a go and share results!

@Svetlio: Thanks for that. Based on your suggestion I'm running this right now:

2x Hurkyl's Recall
2x Sudden Death
3x Deathmark
2x Nihil Spellbomb
2x Trickbind
2x Damnation
2x Sower of Temptation

The Main board should give me enough variety to combat almost anything although I know any aggro deck is going to be tough game 1. Given this deck how would you sideboard?

Whiplash Trap is bad. I would suggest transform the traps into something like Vedalken Shackles. I think that Inquisition of Kozilek is better at the moment than Thoughtseize since it takes out everything that bothers you. -3 Traps -2 Thoughtseize + 4 Inquisition + 1 Smother or +1 Snapcaster or + 1 Shackles. Sideboard all sudden deaths vs splinter twin. I suggest u run 3. Recall vs affinity. Deathmark vs zoo. Dunno what you want to side damnation against. You might turn it into more combo hate.
Played in my first Modern tourney yesterday and went 1-2-1. The losses were straight play mistakes on my part, not cliquing when I saw the pestertwin combo, and allowing red burn to draw 7.

@Svetlio: You were 100% right about whiplash. Everytime I had it in my hand I felt that it was useless.

So changes to the deck:

-3 Whiplash Trap
-2 Thoughtseize
-2 Damnation
-2 Nihil Spellbomb

+1 Island
+2 Peek - Mainly because its an instant speed cantrip that gives me information.
+2 Jace Beleren - He was a last minute because I couldn't find any thoughtseizes, but he did serious work in this deck.
+1 Hurkyl's Recall
+1 Sudden Death
+2 Surgical Extraction 
So I just had a thought, what if I went Grixis for Cruel? It might be incredibly greedy but this is what I'm thinking:

4x Grixis Charm
3x Deathmark
3x Hurkyl's Recall
3x Sudden Death
2x Trickbind
You gain nothing by going grixis. A bolt thats irrelevant against the meta(no cat/big zoo) and cruel ultimatum which is again -not very exciting when affinity has you in galvanic blast range on turn 3(and bolt doesnt do it here again since they either sac it in resp for ravager, move the plating instant speed or sac target with shrapnel blast). I would advise you to think of a strategy that gives you good early game vs aggro(think engineered explosives) + cheap removal. Late game is YOURS with mutavaults mistbinds and vendilions. There is just 1 problem with the deck - when bitterblossom was around you were utilising the time you were gaining by disrupting anything your opponent did. Think of something that works with time(like snapcaster which is insurmountably better once you start playing your instants). Keep it UB - thats my advise. Can you share what decks you faced during that tournament.

PS: I still don't think peek is relevant since it wouldn't matter what they have in hand except they play combo in which case you have sudden death to kill it on the spot.
PSS: There is another option for the deck - go artifacts and splash white or green for next level blue - shackles/explosvies/academy ruins/swords/thirst for knowledge. 

Round 1 was Splinter Twin with the Punishing Fire combo against one of the best in Vegas.
Game 1 went as expected when I saw the punishing fire, and I wasn't able to bully through a pair of Scions. Game 2 I was able to Surgical the Punishing Fire after trickbinding the trigger and went beat down with mutavaults and a Vendilion Clique. Game 3 I made 2 mistakes; I didn't sprite his Gitaxian probe, and when he played a t3 pestermite I didn't clique him during upkeep.

Round 2 was against a pure burn deck. Multiple Mistbinds on Cliques to strip him hand and keep him tapped won me game 1. Game 2 I couldn't stop him fast enough and Game 3 I let a wheel of fortune resolve.

Round 3 was a bye.

Round 4 was affinity. Game 1 I was able to stabalize at 7 and took control of the game. Game 2, even with a Hurkyl's recall during his t3 end step causing him to discard 3 he battled back to win. Game 3 went to time and I was out of the T8 on breakers.

You are right about the early game. Part of the reason I was thinking Grixis is that it gives me Slagstorm/Firespout as a T3 sweeper. Once I'm in Cryptic mana everything tends to go smooth. Staying UB I would probably use shackles or explosives as they seem to fit the deck better. I'm also considering Oona's Prowler as early pressure/CA. 
There is no need to apply pressure - you need to take control of the game by eliminating potential threats - either countering or killing them. Faeries are good control deck so if you continue playing with a decent build you will start avoiding misplays(trust me using sudden death+extraction completely shuts the splinter combo). Against affinity -recall doesnt stop the affinity it just buys you a turn. Affinity is a hard one. You have to make sure you go smart on your spell snares -thats the game breaker since it deals with affinities biggest threats - ravager/plating/shrapnel blast/atog/fling. I play affinity and disrupting the main spells will generally kill the deck since without them pressure is little or none. Monored is kinda tough one. Spellstuters is the way to go there since it stops bolts/shard volley/grim and spark elementals. If you get your beats on he will eventually have to use burns on your faeries.
I'm thinking either Engineered Explosives or Chalice of the Void as I can run both out at 0 or 1 to stop the early game. Personally I'm learning towards chalice as I think it fits this deck better.
Trust me explosives are better.
After thinking about it I agree with the explosives. So the changes are:

-1 Mistbind Clique
-2 Whiplash Trap
+3 Engineered Explosives 
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