Mono Blue Steal Deck

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I was about to build a mono blue deck based on stealing oponent's permanents,

It is supposed to be a multiplayer casual cheap deck for me to play with some friends. It is a very slow deck but i believe it would be fun to play with.

Here's what I have in mind:

Casual 60 cards

3x Djinn of wishes 

4x Volition Reins
4x Dream Leash
4x Control Magic
4x Corrupted Conscience  
4x Followed Footsteps
3x Leyline of Anticipation

4x Mana Leak 
4x Counterspell

4x Haalimar Depths 
4x Sand Silos 
4x Saprazzan Skerry 
14x Island

In the early game this deck tries to control with counters while keeping some lands charged or charging untill it starts to massive drop stealing stuff.

I tought of using High tide as a mana acceleration, and I also tought of Bribery and Sower of temptation

I need some suggestions. Anything can help.