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I have notices that I haven't used a Dungeon Adventure in about a year, where I used to use them constantly.  Am I imagining things are are there about half as many adventures per month as before (2 vs. 4) ?

Did they really have 4 adventures before?  I must have forgotten that.  But the adventures these days are higher quality, in my opinion.  I'd be more likely to adapt one for personal use now than before.

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Yes, they did. The early Dungeons had between 2-4 adventures (full adventures) and maybe a Side Trek. Now we maybe get one full adventure and a lot of piddly little stuff like Chaos Scar, Dm articles, etc. Personally I'd rather they get back to Dungeon having a lot of full adventures in them and fold the DM articles back into Dragon.
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i completely agree
Speaking of adventures...  for this month, am I just missing a link or something for the Dancing Hut?  Or is it really unpublished as of the 30th?

its unpublished, will prob come out at the very end of the day
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