Extended legal Mono B vamp

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Ok so this is what iv always sort of been running

But i go up alot of infect. eldrazi and other vamps. It just doesnt seem to work at its best there

Heres what i have to deal with the likes of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

Executioner's Capsule

i havent looked much at dealin with infect

Most cards at my disposal are Shards-Zendikar
I have random older commons and uncommons as well
for sad face
How about replacing the Bloodchief Ascensions and Dismembers with:
4 Bump in the night and an extra Consume Spirit 

This keeps you at the same number of cards and gives you a quick way off adding in a player only lightning bolt. Heck, a shimmering grotto would even let you flashback on turn 7.  

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