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Hello Fellow Wizards,
I apologize if this thread already exists, but I don't really know my way around these places. I have been wondering lately if anyone has tried to expand on the functionality of the Ravenloft and Ashardalon board games. I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate advanced methods of exploration, new items maybe, or a way to blend in some of the 100's of prepainted D&D minis I already have and have a bigger variety of monsters to fight. Maybe a new method of revealing monsters different than the current and slightly monotonous way of "place tile, place monster, fight...place tile, place monster, fight". Maybe a home made dice rolling chart that would determine how many and what kind of monster's to spawn. Or the idea of searching rooms for loot instead of monster victory. Perhaps a trip to town to the merchant. I'm not looking for the complexity of paperback D&D, but I like spicing things up sometimes. I've been using my Dwarven Forge sets while playing to perc up the visual gameplay, but as for a completely new add on of House Rules or an effective way of blending other D&D products into it, Ihave not. This is a fun game regardless but lets face it, It's D&D at its simplest, and it could use a little pinnaz.  If you have any ideas, or perhaps a forum where this topic would be addressed that would be sweet. Thanks and game on! 
There are already campaign rules for purchasing magical items with treasure markers between adventures in Wrath of Ashardalon.  I've also seen variant rules for searching rooms for treasure, it usually involves rolling a die and getting a ten or higher.

One way to spice up the normal run of exploration is to include special tiles and create special events that happen on or around the tile.  For example, you could play with the Drow Glyph tile in LoD and when it's drawn, you automatically place the drow wizard and a drow warrior on it (or the drider!).  Or any drow player who ends their hero phase on it can recharge a used drow power.  You could use the chapel tile from ravenloft and say that clerics get a bonus to hit or armor class while on the tile, or that when the tile is revealed, you automatically place the holy symbol of ravenkind on it.  Doing that makes placing tiles a bit more varied, especially if you use tiles from multiple sets.

Great ideas, Gwydion!  I would like to see rules for attempting to disable a trapped door or chest - the roll would take place before the chest or door token is flipped over.  You might waste an action on an untrapped door, but such is the price of adventuring...
Here you go: 

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