10/13/2011 TD: "Breakouts"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
nice, been enjoying last couple articles on overview of standard
Two decks out of eight with no planeswalkers in them? Wow, it's a strange world we live in, all right!

Seriously though, I like that green deck. I don't know if it's actually better than Valakut, whatever that means across formats, but it looks like a more fun deck to play with and against. One annoying thing about Valakut is that it relies on lands so much that it's hard to interact with. This deck has a similar green-ramp, relatively creature-light build, sure, and yeah it even uses Inkmoth Nexus, but (a) its creatures could still be real threats with just a little ramp, and (b) at least it tries to win by attacking. I'll probably bring something very like it to FNM.
Why not Geist of Saint Traft to wield a blade instead of Blade Splicer? Is it that important to play defense with your Golem rather than hitting harder?
"It looks like a Blue-Black Control deck, but really only has a couple of Mana Leaks and the one Divination main".

I think you meant the one Dissipate main, otherwise I don't get it, especially since there are two Divinations main. Must be all that talk about Divinition just before that, and the fact that they start with the same syllable. The editor should have catched that one...
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I am Blue/Black
I am Blue/Black
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Spikeshot Elder seems really good now with Inkmoth Nexus being so key to a prominent deck. I run two copies maindeck in my red list, but I wonder if it wouldn't be worth boarding in another one.
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The RG ramp deck is possibly missing a singleton copy of buried ruin - get it with the titan and it allows you to get back the wurmcoil engine, or a sword post sideboard.

Also - i dont think the elder will be that important, given RDW's access to burn spells that can deal with the nexus. Possibly geistflame will be more important, though having the elder in play doesn't hurt either.

No comments yet on how Medina's Solar Flare deck only has 57 cards in it?
No comments yet on how Medina's Solar Flare deck only has 57 cards in it?

Someone stole the Lilianas!
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