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So we've just started a new campaign and picked up a few extra players. I was wondering, in the opinion of CharOp, what would be the best addition to the following team?


Yes it's a large party, lol. 

I was thinking Warlord to add a little extra beef and support/heals. Should work well with the Knight and Rogue too. Does that sound about right? I haven't played them before, either.  
Personally, I'd be inclined towards another melee, weapon-using striker.  Preferably a fairly beefy, off-defendery one like a Barb, Blackguard or Slayer.  The Runepriest looks likely to be quite exposed, and there aren't all that many good attacks for a warlord to swing.

But realistically, the party has everything covered already, so pretty much anything could fit.

Skills-wise, you'll have more-or-less everything already too, so nothing much to worry about on that score.

So again, go with what you want, really.
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Consider a shaman/lazy lord hybrid.  It gets the healing, passes out temps, andis effectively another stiker by hitting people with your rogue.  
I'd consider a defender hybrid to supplement the knight. 1 defender for 6 other characters is going to be hard pressed. You've already got 2 leaders, which should be plenty. You've 2 strikers and the druid can be a pretty effective striker in their secondary role. You've 1 controller but it's the role most commonly dropped.

A striker|defender is very do-able

swordmage|warlock or ranger|fighter spring to mind

There's a LOT of applicable builds.

community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758... gives a few.
Just noticed The Raging Teleporter: Genasi, BarbarianSwordmage

A defender|controller could fit too. A swordmage|wizard

D&D is like religion. People focus far too much on the differences rather than the similarities.
how about a cleric/ranger.  You get scale and a shield bonus threw battle cleric's lore, you get massive DPR from the ranger side, and you can take some pretty solid strength powers from the cleric.

So defender level defenses with the DPR of a ranger.  Solid Melee front line kinda guy to protect the guys in the back. 
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I like the inclusion of the artificer. They recharge their infusions from any characters pool of healing surges, so that will ease the drain on the knight's surges (or anyone who draws a lot of RP agro)
D&D is like religion. People focus far too much on the differences rather than the similarities.
I would add a tough front line guy of some sort.

A swordmage/barbarian (or other melee striker) type build could add a little defending with some more DPR and with that big of a party won't get in anyones way that much with all its teleports. 

A monk would work to bring in some more control, decent DPR, and can tie up a couple of enemies without putting much more strain on your defender.  Maybe go iron soul for toughness or wisdom for the extra control.

Warden, maybe a polearm build for some frontline control.  I would probably go wildblood.
Anything can work really.

Large parties win by a mile if they go first, or lose a PC if they get caught by surprise. I can see a Battlemind could be very handy against 7 monster novas. A Warlord could help everyone go faster. A high initiative controller can help out some. More range is perfectly fine, it helps tremendously for focusing fire and taking things down fast. But a fast durable front line striker could do the same. An Avenger might work fine, and you have tricks to get out of jail free against monster novas. A monk would be good, since you'll be fighting big crowds you should be able to target a lot of enemies. Whatever build you go with, I'd try to make sure you have decent initiative, and have some immediate actions because 13 turns is a long time to wait before your turn rolls around.
I don't think you really need another leader. I'd second the idea of something that's either striker/controller or striker/defender. You want to be able to take dudes out of the fight and do it ASAP. The Iron Soul Monk, maybe an Assault Swordmage, Slayer, Blackguard... Even an Executioner might be great since they have death attack which can clean up bloodied enemies and they can do a lot of damage right away. If you pick a class with a decent Int or Wis, consider multiclassing Wizard or Invoker for a nice daily to lock people down (Like Sleep).

A race with an offensive racial power (Dragonborn, Half-Orc, Thri-Kreen, Storm Soul Genasi, etc.) can help with your damage output too.
I'd go some defender direction, probably Swordmage, either straight or hybrid, to augment the Knight. Barbarian, Warlock or Even Warlord would be my choice for hybrid combo. Working around teh edges of the Knight's aura can be pretty useful in a party of that size.
2 Leaders.
2 Strikers.
1 Controller.
1 Defender.

What builds are they using? If the Rogue is melee and the Sorc is a Dragonsorc doing blose bursts/blasts that gives you 4.5 frontliners (Druid in beast form some of the time, presumably). That isn't a lot of ranged characters (1.5) and could be none, as Artificers can be melee.

Ideally I'd shoot for four frontliners in a group of 7. So if, for instance, the Artificer, Rogue, and Sorc are all ranged then that means you currently have 2.5 frontliners, so I'd add a frontliner of some kind. You clearly don't need another leader.  Striker/Controller would be my top pick for Frontliner (Swordmage|Warlock would be good) in all likelihood going Int/Cha). If you need a ranged... not sure.
Thanks for all the replies so far, some really cool ideas there!

 We're still getting to grips with playing with 7 (we really weren't expecting to get more than 5, but hey, willing to try it), and some of our players are pretty new.

As far as I'm aware, the setup is something like this:

Artificer (Range)
Knight (Melee)
Druid (Melee/mid range)
Sorcerer (Storm/Range)
Rogue (Melee/can do range)
Runepriest (Melee/Reach)

Starting at level 2.

We've swapped roles a little; our Artificer was a Swordmage before, our Rogue was playing a Fighter (and so was I). It, uh... Didn't go too well. Only one set of heals for a group of 7 really hurt, too. 2 leaders should be enough though, I hope.

I'm tempted to go for (as has been suggested), a Defender type, preferrably with range, though.

So, leaning towards a Defender/Controller Hybrid or Defender/Striker Hybrid.
Yeah, Swordmage|Warlock going Int/Cha will slot in perfectly. Some redundancy in skills, but you can take whatever int-skills the Artificer didn't and whatever Cha skills the Sorcerer didn't. Can mark the guys not in the Knight's Aura, you're not precisely going to have range powers but you will have teleports. The extra damage/control will be perfect. Eladrin or Tiefling would be the races of choice. You could also go Int/Con and be a lot tougher as an off-defender, damage will be roughly the same. Though with the Artificers ability to spread surges around not sure if that is worth the benefit.... mmm.
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