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I am experiencing today a lot of slowness with magic online. As my titles says, the launcher takes ages to start (3-4 minutes), and ingae there are a lot of lags.

I have tested my internet connection, and there are no problems. I have tested with other internet games, downloading and so on. Ping is ok, download is ok, upload too. The problems are only with magic online.

 I am trying to desinstall / reinstall the game completely, and now it is updating the game with the launcher (with the innistrad picture). There also : I am downloading the file 69 of 3183, even though i have started since 15 good minutes..

I don't see how the problem could come from my computer or my internet connection, so please help me to understand this weird problem.

Sincerely yours
Hey there Joryn,

When you say you've checked your internet connection, do you mean you did a trace route to our game server? In case you haven't, here is the link for how to do it:

Here is a graphical representation of how your connection to our game servers can be impacted without impacting your other internet traffic.

Also, Magic Online uses the following ports: 7730, 7770 . Note: These are TCP, not UDP. Please make sure any firewall or security software you are using has these ports open.

You also need to make sure you're not having any other traffic. Downloading something else, streaming video or music, peer to peer file transfers and the like can all impact your experience negatively.

If none of those things help, you can contact us via our handy-dandy help site.
Click  HERE and log in same as you would log into our forums, then choose the "Email Us" tab, select "Magic: The Gathering" from the pull down, then "Magic: The Gathering Online" and from there choose the next topic and fill out the rest of the form.

Hope that helps and we'll see you in game very soon


Wow, i am just amazed to see how many relays are between us. 
Everything came back to normal today, so i guess the problem was between my computer and yours.

I tested everything on my internet connection, so nothing was to find there. I guess it was a temporary downed server somewhere, whatever.

Thanks !
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