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hey all,

i wonder if there is a bug in character builder about AC and heavy armor.
A +2 scale armor should give +8 AC, but in builder says +9 and adds it to full AC.
In the character sheet 2nd square in armor class defenses that says armor/ability.!

This doesnt happen with +2 leather and +4 dex mod that should give 6 AC, and it does!

another warden with hide and heavy shield takes -2 penalty to AC, in the last right square/misc,
but i dont know where it comes from?!

thanx in combat advantage
masterwork armor bonuses are rolled into the base armors now.  you would see the same discrepancy if you picked a higher plus on the leather too =)

the heavy shield thing goes way back to the offline cb.  the shield gives a +4 AC bonus, and then they give it a -2 AC penalty so it nets out to the correct bonus.  one of the mysteries of the universe.

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The AC penalty from the shield is because the CBB calculates shields weirdly - it adds 4 and takes off 2 for heavy, and 2/1 for light.  No-one really knows why.  The end result is correct.
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