Nihil Spellbomb?

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With decks like solar flare and cards like snapcaster mage, is this card playable?

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Snapcaster Mage is the best card of all time. How do you deal?

It is, I prefer surgical myself but there's good argument for the bomb in decks that need to interact with reanimator.
I know Caleb Durward just placed 6th at the SCG Open with a U/B control deck that ran three Nihil Spellbombs maindeck.

It was overwhelmingly obvious that Solar Flare would show up in droves, though.

Deck list for reference:
I'm actually dropping my suricals for spellbombs in my solar flare SB. After watching Caleb just stymy opposing solar flare lists with the bomb in play, it's pretty clear that blanking both snapcaster and rites is prety powerful, and sun titan lets you do it again later in the game. Surgical obviously has some better potential tempo plays with snapcaster, but Solar flare is far from being reactive enough to really pursue that strategy in the long run.

It is very playable, especially if you have access to black mana.  You essentially thwart your opponents gameplan while being able to draw a card to replace itself if you spend a black mana.

Nihil Spellbomb and Surgical Extractions are used for 2 different purposes.

Surgical Extraction is rebuyable with Snapcaster Mage and is usefull for depleting an opponent off his win conditions.

Nihil Spellbomb is rebuyable with Sun Titan and is sueful for blanking Snapcaster Mages and Rites.

They do different things. A pure control deck would be interested in Extraction, whereas a deck with tempo plays would find better uses for Spellbomb.

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Outside of Caleb's deck on Saturday Spellbomb was a rabid dud for many people, including myself. It is too easy to play around. He got paired with a ton of Solar Flare/Snapcaster control decks all day long and his maindeck Spellbombs got him through.

If that deck started off running a gauntlet of RDW based on pairings he could have gotten into real trouble.

I'm not saying its a bad card, but there were a lot of people maindecking hate cards and it paid off for everyone who got a good pairing... and the other half got ran off fast.


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i dislike maindeck GY hate... but spellbomb is the one passable maindeck card because it can be cycled off.

personally, i like purify the grave for its multiple uses and its more secret being an instant, harder to play around.

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