Crown of Dust, Immortals & Athas

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Quick question, seeing as how one of my players just got this artifact. A quick browse of the Compendium shows that virtually all Immortal creatures from 1-10 are devils or something similar, which from what I remember never cropped up that much in Dark Sun. But seeing as how killing an Immortal is one of the concordence-raisers, they're something that the player will feel justifiably cheated about if I ignore them totally. Without suddenly throwing in demons for the sake of demons, has anyone else thought of ways around this one, or possibly changing the creature type the Crown preys upon? 
DM it up.

By that I mean, make something up. "immortal" is just a word.  Have the PC kill an appropriately leveled elemental.  

I used to be an insider (don't let me whine about how the CB and everything changed, lol), and the compendium is cool...but, it's your game.


I don't want to be an edition warrior. I think there was something good and something bad in all the editions I played. I do, however, believe that the game has gotten better over the years (and decades). I hope this holds true into the future.


Homebrew a few immortals. As said above elementals are pretty good. If necessary turn Shardminds from MM3 into lesser golems or something similiar keeping the immortal tag.
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Elementals were the target of the crowns protection being that it rested with a primordial. So killling them is a bad thing in it's eyes...
there can be immortals from the gray though, i'd pull some generic 'shadowfell' encounter mobs and score them up as immortals
The earliest Dark Sun materials from 2nd Edition did have demons and such from the outer planes. Either they didn't come up with the closed-sphere ideas right away or some of that stuff got through editing.

At any rate, the new setting has a place for Devils in the gray, so no worries. And while the Astral Sea is largely empty, that doesn't mean you couldn't have shardminds or a remnant deva or whatnot.
I feel like I need a 101 course on Planes and the Astral Sea, I just see it as trying to make a shared universe for DnD, dont know where demons and elementals are in the scheme of things.
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The astral sea is common heaven hell and elemental plane of chaos is where the elementals come from.
Also the Elan (see Psionic Power) are immortal and might be a powerful psionic nemesis, like the Order. Could be useful.