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I had an idea that was inspired from a game i played in recently.  I would have won save that my opponent could tap my creatures before they attacked which made me think that there should be an ability that allowed creatures to attack regardless if they are tapped.  This keyword would be "Relentless". The ability would read (This creature can declare an attack even if tapped.) here is a sample creature.

Relentless Warrior |
Creature - Human Warrior
Relentless (This creature can declare an attack even if tapped.)
"I swore I would take my revenge and nothing will stop my pursuit!"

The creature must still tap to attack unless it is already tapped.  I don't know if that is clear in the current wording but that's the way i want it to be so that it isn't built in vigilance.  What do yall think?  Do you have any card designs/ideas that would use this ability?

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I think Yarium expanded on it in a simple but good way.  As it stands the word would almost only be used as enemy color tactics as really only white and blue tap creatures.  Which that is fine, but as pointed out it's much more fun to do something in addition.

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Vomit Elemental :B: Creature - Elemental Tap an untapped creature you control: Vomit Elemental gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Other creatures you control don't untap during your untap step. "Drink and feed me, my followers!" 1/1
Its still just vigilance 90% of the time though.
Its still just vigilance 90% of the time though.

wait what?

it's the exact opposite of vigilance. in order for it to be useful, the creature needs to be tapped precombat, which leaves little chance of it being untapped postcombat without trickery.


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I agree with Yarium.  It's a very interesting ability, but cards that have it should have some way of tapping themselves, or should exist in an environment where tapping things is a commonish occurence (e.g. being featured alongside cards with convoke). 
Great idea, poor execution.

I've recently stumbled upon two of the GREAT DESIGNER RULES OF ALL TIME:

1. Players love feeling smart.
2. Players hate feeling stupid.

Your ability is wonderful, but it doesn't make players feel smart, and it leaves them dangerously close to feeling stupid. Why? Because the Relentless creature you have will almost always tap to attack, making the Relentless ability rather pointless. It does have it's uses, but by itself it ain't doing much.

I think it would be more fun if a player could both TAP and ATTACK for separate abilities.


Beserker Sensei
Creature - Human Monk (Common)
Relentless (Beserker Sensei may always be declared as an attacker, even if tapped.)
: Target creature gains haste until end of turn.

This kind of card rewards players for using BOTH the tap ability, and attacking. In a sense, this is a lot like the untap symbol, in that an easy way to use the ability was to attack, giving players the opportunity of doing both actions.

Those are some great design tips!  i love what you did to improve my idea. I think it is fantastic.  Something like a Relentless Merfolk Looter would be really cool IMO
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Although the ability is alright, I don't think that a keyword for it is necessary. Maybe add a 'has to attack each turn if able' clause as well...
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