What's the best paragon path for a non dagger wielding melee rogue?

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What the title said basically- Ive looked at as many guides/handbooks as I can but none of them really highlight one that is top tier outside of the specialist weapon ones.

Im looking especially for a straight up damage increase, and Im a human Artful Dodger if that helps.

Cheers for any help you can give.
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For rogues?  Not much.  For humans?  Adroit Explorer, PH2.
What weapons do you plan to use?
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A rapier and the odd dagger for a ranged attack- its the same character you wrote the background for a little while back .
We're jumping from Level 7 to Level 11 next week and Kensei looks the best mechanically apart from meaning that Im not gonna be able to use the daggers, although the fluff fits perfectly- he's become a flat out master with his rapier.
I just wish Rakish Swashbuckler was more focused, but my DM can be quite forgiving and may let me rejig Kensei.
Time for some thrilling heroics....