Red/White Human Aggro

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This is a different take on the typical White or W/G humans I was pondering. Mainly I was considering this because Stormblood Berserker is so good. I can't decide whether to keep the Grim Lavamancers, or whether to replace them with Mentor's of the Meek.  If I draw them too early or draw too many, they'll be pointless. Elder Cathar is mainly there as a chump blocker that can pump up my creatures. The Brimstone Volleys ensure that even when I lose an attacker, I can still hurt my opponent. In the late game I can cast Rally the Peasants and immediately flash it back. Other cards that would obviously be good with the deck are Spirit Mantle, Angelic Destiny, and maybe Assault Strobe.

Champion of the Parish x4
Stormblood Berserker x4
Grim Lavamancer x2
Elder Cathar x3
Mirran Crusader x4
Hero of Bladehold x3
Hero of Oxid Ridge x3
21 creatures

Silver-Inlaid Dagger x3
Rally the Peasants x4
Oblivion Ring x3
Brimstone Volley x4
14 other spells

Clifftop Retreat x4
Mountain x10
Plains x10

Manic Vandal x3
Nevermore x3
Fiend Hunter x3
Paraselene x3
Timely Reinforcements x3
Someone please explain to me why Elite Inquisitor is bad, 'cause I'm just not seeing it.
its a great card for mono decks
Ay man I use to frequently run this archetype and frequently go 3-1 at fnm with it. I tried many different builds but i feel my best was always this one;
X4 champ
X4 elite vanguard/doomed traveler
X3 Grand abolisher
X2 Thalia
X4 Stormblood berserker
X2 Lightning Mauler
X4 mirran crusader
X3 silverblade paladin
X4 gather the townsfolk
X4 Hellrider
X3 rally the peasants

X4 cavern of souls
X4 clifftop retreat
X9 plains
X6 mountain

X2 thalia
X1 abolisher
X3 midnight haunting
X3 fiend hunter
X3 arc trail
x3 gut shot

I quit playing r/w humans mainly because any build i made was good, but increadibly inconsistent. it literally seemed like every other game i either blew 'em out by turn four or five or the deck just dumped on me. Usually if i didn't win by turn 6 i was a gonner. that and the deck just folds to board swipe even if you're good at playing conservatively against those kinds of decks. but i have thought about going back to it. it puts on mega pressure super early. and abolisher and thalia really bring it together against delver and solar flare.
also it folds to war and peace which i a card a lot of people run. especially against r/g aggro where they can stall with a huntsmaster and dig out the sword and **** your face. that's what the sideboard burn is for. well that sideboard burn is mainly for mana dorks but you could run incinerate instead of the trails perhaps.