MME Wand of Wonder: Let's get more than d6 effects!

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I loved the Wand of Wonder in the previous editions; it was just so chaotic. WOW in this edition is a great start...but I don't think that it's complete. Lets see if we can get enough effects for a golf-ball sized d100 (or at least the novelty d30).

7. You grow giant puppy dog, rabbit, wolpertinger, or whatever ears and gain a +5 bonus to perception checks. When trying to find a hidden creature you can roll twice and choose which roll to use.

8. The ground within a burst 10 of you is rubbery, granting a +5 bonus to all Athletics checks to jump, and all checks are considered to have a running start.

AD&D is powergaming – powergaming for the DM. And back then, DM stood for "Dire Munchkin."


I suppose people are entitled to their uninformed opinions; I just don’t see the point when that opinion won’t be respected. Proper research can be the difference in appearing a fool vs. a respectable dissident. 



60. A wagon falls from the sky and lands in a burst 1 dealing 2W damage to each creature in the burst. Any creature who is consicous and under the wagon must shift a number of squares so that it is no longer under the wagon. The wagon is unharmed and may be mounted.
I just made a d100 rod of wonder for Fourth Edition.

You can find it here, along with 9 other awesome magic items:
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