Bug: Warpriest's Granite Strike

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The description of this power is as follows:

You invoke the power of earth to attack your enemy and call forth a shield of granite to protect your allies from harm.

Encounter ♦ Divine, Weapon
Standard ActionMelee weapon

Target One creature

Attack Wisdom vs. Fortitude

Hit 1[W]+ Wisdom modifier damage and push the target 3 squares.

Effect You gain an aura 2 that lasts until the end of your next turn. You and your allies gain resist 5 to all damage while in the aura.

When the damage is calculated in the builder it does not include the Wis modifer.

Example, for my level three warpriest, for my other powers that are + Wis for damage, i have a total of +7 (+1 Weapon, Dwarven Weapon Training, Wis mod of +4) but with Granite Shield, i only have +3.

The damage line in the CB shows ad 1D10++3