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In the CB entry for starting at a level higher than 1st, it mentioned I can have 3 magic items, currency appropriate, and any mundane items.

Taken literally this would allow me to start with a zillion everburning torches which I could sell for lots of dosh.

Are there other things which when interpreted literally lead to all kinds of silliness?
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Taken literally, everlasting torches have no market value once a PC smudges them with their grimy little hands, so your "clever" plan is dead in the water.

Pretty much this.  Mundane items have zero resale value -- they removed the need to handwaive stuff like this for simplicity's sake, and I'm pretty sure the "hoard all the mundane items for a profit" got old real quick -- so even if you could, by the rules, obtain infinite sunrods, you couldn't make a profit off them, just ensure that you never have to worry about not having a Wizard with a Light spell around.

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57047238 wrote:
If you're crossing the street and see a city bus barreling straight toward you with 'GIVE ME YOUR WALLET!' painted across its windshield, you probably won't be reaching for your wallet.
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Literally interpreted the rules also say "any amount of mundane items within reason". Your literal interpretation is conviently ignoring the part where it says "you have some freedom, don't be a dick about it".
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As others have pointed out, RAW says that mundane items cannot be sold for profit.

On a similar note though, unless there's been some errata to it or it was reworded in the RC, ritual components were listed on the same table of adventuring gear that you could have in unlimited supply.  So, you could in theory have as many Alchemical Reagents as you wanted for enchanting magic items.  Not that any DM in the world would ever allow you to pull such BS.  That issue has probably been fixed since original publication, but I don't have my books and I don't have DDI anymore.
I forget how long ago this trick was spotted, quite distant by now.

If you start during level 1, instead of at level 1,
you could get the gold of a level zero magic item,
and a level zero magic item; to go with the
expected level 1 item and level 2 item.
Sounds interesting whatever it might be.

Let's see:
Bard at level 3 gets a loop, via Gygax's Guitar Heroes.
Duplicate ritual can be abused. I like it with a minor nerf.
The LFR guys started doing tricks with Creation rituals rather early.
Magewrights in Eberron are technically a loop, but not in practice.
NPC's in general have how much moolah ?? !!

So ... of course the answer is: don't.

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